Sunday, August 17, 2014

Elena Wang Sweaters and Sweater Dresses for Fall

By Anne Waters

I'm so excited about the new fashions by Elena Wang. Pieces from the Fall 2014 collection are arriving daily at my premier boutique, Anne's on the Avenue.  The creative duo behind the Elena Wang label is a talented Canadian mother and daughter team. Mother Emily is a globe-trekking visionary. She is the creative force behind daughter Elena's fabulous designs. We all love the pleasantly surprising details Elena adds to each sweater or dress she creates. 

Just arrived from Elena Wang is a sensational black sweater dress with long sleeves. There is a pretty lattice work knit pattern in the chest area. It also has three rows of white spots adorning the bottom hemline. The spots in the bottom row are the largest. The spots in the top row are much smaller. It is an adorable transition. This lovely dress falls just above the knee. Wear it with black tights and black ankle boots or heels to turn heads this fall. This dress is guaranteed to fly off the rack so hurry into Anne's on the Avenue to make sure you get yours!

Another lovely Elena Wang sweater dress that has just arrived is a gorgeous charcoal grey. It features a wonderful cable knit pattern. It has a sumptuous loose cowl neck and pleated skirt area. This gorgeous dress would look perfect with red accessories like red gloves and a red purse. But because it is solid charcoal grey, there are so many colours and accessories you can wear with it. You'll get plenty of mileage and compliments out of this piece.

More fabulous sweater dresses and sweaters by Elena Wang are arriving daily at Anne's on the Avenue. Stop in soon to get your pick of this captivating collection! As you can see, they won't be in stock long. Anne's on the Avenue is located in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road right here in Tecumseh. We are the premier fashion destination for the Windsor/Essex County area.

Always remember, your best style is confidence.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gold or Silver Jewellery and Accessories: Which Looks Best With Fall 2014 Colours?

By Anne Waters

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about this fall's fashion colour palette. You can read it here. Here at my premier boutique, Anne's on the Avenue, I have stocked the racks with breathtaking fashions in many of these ten chosen colours from your favourite Canadian designers and more. But do you know what jewellery to accessorize the palette with? Should you choose gold or silver jewellery or accessories to accessorize your fall attire? Here are my style tips to help you decide:

1. Yellow gold jewelry will go with every colour in the fall 2014 palette except Aluminum.  The exceptions are charcoal grey and other dark greys that tend towards black. Also, metallic greys look fabulous with bold yellow gold necklaces, bracelets and earrings. This does not mean that yellow gold is the most sophisticated choice to pair with all the colours in the palette except light grey. But if your budget is tight, a yellow gold necklace and a pair of yellow gold hoop or dangle earrings will accessorize almost your entire wardrobe.

Rose and  Off-white scarf will add warmth to
any outfit

2. Rose gold jewellery and accessories will look sensational with fall 2014 shades of Sangria (raspberry shades) or Cognac (browns).This is because the warm red undertones in rose gold play beautifully with the warm undertones of red in Sangria shades and copper in Cognac shades.

3. Silver jewellery will look best with the deeper shades in the fall 2014 palette.
These shades are Royal Blue, Bright Cobalt Blue, Cypress green and Radiant Orchid (mauve). This is because these rich shades have cool undertones like silver. And even though Aluminum (light grey) is not a deep colour, it also will look best with silver jewellery.

4. Either gold or silver jewellery can be worn with the pastel shades in the fall 2014 colour palette. Pastels with cool undertones will look vibrant with yellow or rose gold jewellery. These same shades will look more understated with silver jewellery. 

There you have it, my style guide to pairing your gold or silver jewellery with this fall's fashions. If you still aren't quite sure what to wear with your fall wardrobe, come in and let me and my expert stylists help you. Or consider booking a Colour Consultation by our Certified Colour Consultant. Anne's on the Avenue is located in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road, Tecumseh. Stop in soon for the best selection of fall fashions and accessories!
Remember: Your best style is confidence.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Joseph Ribkoff Fall 2014 Fashions are Sophisticated and Edgy

By Anne Wates

Anne's on the Avenue proudly features Joseph Ribkoff fashions year round. But if you've never experienced Joseph Ribkoff fashions before, this is the time to do so. His designs look stunning on women of all shapes and sizes. They are not just for Amazon-tall models. He truly knows how to dress every woman in clothing she'll look amazing in and be proud of. This year, Joseph's new transitional/fall pieces for 2014 are sophisticated and edgy. Here are some of the standout features of the collection: 

Once again, black is the anchor colour of Joseph Ribkoff's tantalizing fall line. Who doesn't look good in black? But there is plenty of white, platinum grey, cobalt blue, plum and splashes of other colours in the collection, all tastefully integrated with black. (See above)

This fall, Joseph Ribkoff has outdone himself with a variety of textures to tantalize the visual and tactile senses. There are knobby knit jerseys, intricate laces, sleek leathers and fluffy, faux furs. You'll want to run your hand over these amazing textures the minute you see them.

Bold Geometric Designs: 
This fall, Joseph's fashions have a certain attitude surrounding their sophistication. They exude confidence and self-worth. Just as it should be! This is the true genius of Ribkoff design coming through. This boldly patterned black and white sheath dress is a perfect example of this theme. 

Come get your pick of these captivating Joseph Ribkoff' fall fashions at my premier boutique, Anne's on the Avenue. We are located here in Tecumseh in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road. My expert stylists and I can help dress you from head to toe in stylish designer fashions your girlfriends will drool over.  We'll find the perfect look for your body type and individual style. You'll have your own unique, stylish edge when you leave!

Never Forget: Your best style is confidence.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Chic Ways to Wear Your Summer Maxi Dresses into Fall

By Anne Waters

A great way to stretch your wardrobe is to wear your summer maxi dresses right through fall. I have three stylish ways to help you accomplish this task. All you need are the right accessories and complimentary attire. At my premier boutique, Anne's on the Avenue, we have everything you need for the following outfits:

1. Pair your summer maxi dress with Sleevey Wonders. 

This is a perfect combination for the early fall days of September when the sun can still conjure up hot, humid days. Your summer maxi dress is light and airy enough to keep you comfortable, but looks a bit out of place without sleeves. So Pair it with Sleevey Wonders, the perfect faux sleeve undergarments. You'll not only look stylish, you'll be in tune with fall at the same time. You can still wear strappy sandals with this outfit. Also carry a smaller purse with a long shoulder strap to maintain proportion. A bulky purse will overpower your strappy sandals.

2. Pair your summer maxi dress with a jean jacket.

When the winds start to wrestle with the fallen leaves, you'll want to add a light outer layer to your attire.  Pair your summer maxi dress with a stylish jean jacket. Add a personal touch to your jean jacket by adding a favourite brooch or two to one of the breast pockets. This jean jacket and maxi dress combination is a classic pairing for fall.  This outfit looks perfect with ankle boots and socks. Carry a purse or bag with a long strap. Your purse can be large if desired to compliment your slightly bulky jean jacket. 

3. Pair your summer maxi dress with a long sweater or cardigan.

As the days of fall wind down, you'll start to feel the winter chill in the air. This is the time to pair your summer maxi dress with a cozy sweater of cardigan. Choose one that is on the longer side to keep in proportion with your long maxi dress.  A bulky turtleneck sweater is a perfect partner. Wear warm knit leggings or stockings underneath your maxi for additional warmth. Carry a large purse or bag with a long strap to maintain proportion. As for footwear, either ankle boots or full length boots are perfect for this outfit.

I hope these ensembles have inspired you to wear your summer maxi dresses into fall.  If you still aren't sure how to accomplish this look, hurry into Anne's on the Avenue so that my expert stylists and I can help you. Did you know we are the premier fashion destination for the Windsor/Essex County area? Your fashion is our passion. We are located in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road here in Tecumseh.

Always remember: The best style is confidence.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

We Now Carry Sleevey Wonders at Anne's on the Avenue

By Anne Waters

If you haven't heard of Sleevey Wonders, you are in for a pleasant surprise. In fact, I'll venture to say they might just change your entire way of dressing! You see, Sleevey Wonders are gorgeous sleeved undergarments that fit under your existing sleeveless dresses and tops. They give your arms the support they need for you to look fabulous instead of flabby! They will take years off your look in any sleeveless dress or top.

Sleevey Wonders were invented in the USA by Ruthann Greenblat. She loved to dress up but didn't like the look of the flabby arms that appear at a certain age. So she took matters into her own hands and came up with stylish, practical Sleevey Wonders. They are made of a 95% nylon and 5 % spandex fabric. This winning combination gives them their remarkable, firming shape. They are machine washable in warm or cold water on the gentle cycle. Regular all-purpose detergent is fine. If you must place them in the dryer, use the low heat setting only.

Sleevey Wonders will transform your wardrobe and give you the confidence to wear styles you have not dared to in years. There are a variety of styles like waterfall, sheer and lace. There are also plenty of colours to choose from like pink, blue and white. Some styles look best for formal occasions. Others are perfect for more casual attire. Some have full sleeves; others have half or peek-a-boo sleeves. And here's a style tip for you: Sleevey Wonders run a bit large so if you wear a medium top, you might only need a small in Sleevey Wonders.

I fell in love with Sleevey Wonders the moment I tried them on with my favourite sleeveless dress. I know you will, too. Come in and try the wide variety of Sleevey Wonder styles I have selected for you at my premier boutique, Anne's on the Avenue. You just might have to buy one of our gorgeous designer sleeveless dresses afterwards! We are located in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road, right here in Tecumseh.

Always remember, ladies: The best style is confidence.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Four 2014 Fall Fashion Essentials from Anne's on the Avenue

By Anne Waters

Are you dreading the fall shopping season because of budget constraints? If you update your wardrobe wisely, you should have no problem looking like a fashionista, no matter how much money you have to spend! Below is a list of fall essentials you can purchase here at my premier boutique, Anne's on the Avenue. If you get nothing else, these four items will freshen up your wardrobe in time for fall: 

A Statement Sweater:  
One of your smartest buys for fall is at least one great new sweater. Choose a neutral colour or pastel shade that will work with many other colours. This lovely crocheted sweater by Alison Sheri is a perfect choice. It's a creamy beige colour. It can be dressed up or down depending on your needs. And it isn't too heavy to wear during those warm days in early fall.

A Statement Top: 
The fastest way to update your fall wardrobe is to purchase at least one knockout top or tunic. This lovely lacey top by Frank Lyman is a sensational choice! It features a faux bolero neckline and ¾ sleeves. It would look lovely with pearls or a silver chain. You'll surely get plenty of compliments on this black and white beauty this fall. 

A Few Select Jewelry Pieces: 
You don't have to go overboard this fall on new jewelry. But you should have a few trendy items on hand. These stylish gold hoop earrings fit the bill. The yellow gold look is making a comeback this fall. All the starlets parading down the red carpets are just crazy about their hoop earrings. Also look for retro-inspired chain link necklaces. You'll be the height of fashion this fall!

A Smart Handbag:  
Strapless handbags with short handles for holding in your hand will be hot this fall season. I have some fabulous styles in stock right now at Anne's on the Avenue. This shiny camel-colour beauty is a smart example. It will complete your fall look with style! 

There you have it: My list of four essentials for fall. At Anne's on the Avenue, I carry your favourite fashions from Joseph Ribkoff, Frank Lyman, Rock N Karma, Neuva, Sandwich, Spanner and more. I also carry a large variety of jewelry, handbags and scarves. 

Come in and let my expert stylists and I help you put together a knockout fall look. We are the premier fashion destination for the Windsor/Essex County Areas. You'll find us in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road right here in Tecumseh. Come see us soon for the best selection. And don't forget to visit my online shop:
Always remember, your best style is confidence.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Knockout Transitional Fashions in Black and White

By Anne Waters

I know all you fashionista out there are getting ready to turn the page to fall. Time goes by so quickly. Before you know it, fall will be here. Here at Anne's on the Avenue, we have some fabulous transitional dresses arriving daily. I've purposely made sure they have a predominately black and white theme. This classic colour combination looks stylish and sophisticated in any season. Here are some examples of the transitional black and white dresses we have for you right now:

Striped Wrap Dress:
This black and white beauty is both sophisticated and sassy. I love the fresh take on wraps. It doesn't stop at one wrap. The entire dress gets in on the action! Also, the ¾ sleeves are perfect for the breezy nights of late summer.

White Sheath Dress with Black Lace Sides:
This dress is an elegant white sheath with glamorous black lace detailing up the sides and about the shoulders. It would look wonderful at the opera or other evening gala. Pair it with a lovely silk shawl on breezy nights.

Geometric Pattern Sheath Dress:
I'm crazy about modernist geometric patterns, aren't you? This pretty sheath dress makes a bold statement with its black and white stained glass pattern with touches of lime green and deep orange. It's perfect for the office during the day and cocktail hour afterwards.

Must-Have Accessories: 
Aren't these black and white transitional pieces fabulous? Here's an additional style tip for you: Pair them with a dash of red to complete an absolutely sensational look!  This smart red purse and jewelry fit the bill perfectly.

These transitional black and white beauties and bold accessories won't last long so hurry into Anne's on the Avenue to claim the pieces you love. My expert stylists and I are waiting to help you complete your best look. The boutique is located in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road, right here in Tecumseh. Or shop with us online at:

Remember: Your best style is always confidence.