Monday, April 14, 2014

Style Tips for Choosing the Right Accessories Every Time

By Anne Waters

Do you know a stylish lady who always seems to have the perfect jewelry, hats and purses to go with every outfit? Chances are she knows a thing or two about the following style tips. They will keep you looking smart no matter what the occasion.
Notice how the gold pops against the black

 Light on Dark and Vice Versa
This style tip is borrowed from great interior design. If you are dressing in white, black accessories are the ultimate match for a sophisticated look. Likewise, if you are dressing in black, white accessories pop. The contrast between white and black is the easiest to see. But this style tip applies to all colour pairings. If your outfit is navy blue (dark), choose accessories in white, gold, or pastel (light) colours and vice versa. 
Faux Pearls with metal beads would be lovely
with this Spring vibrant colours.

Loud with Soft and Vice Versa
If you opt to wear a vivid red or bright fuchsia pink dress, opt for white or pastel accessories. Likewise, if you decide on a pretty pastel pink dress, opt for brightly coloured accessories like red, bright blue or orange. A chunky turquoise necklace, orange clutch and turquoise heels would look spectacular with a pastel pink dress.

Great piece for a tunic

Long and Big Necklaces with Long Tunics
Dressing up long tunics and tops is easy if you remember proportion. The tunic is long, so your necklace must be long. Opt for multiple opera length chains, strands of pearls or one long chain with a large chunky pendant. Do you have a vintage chunky pendant necklace from the 1960s or 1970s? It would look smashing with your favourite long tunic!

Don't want to wear a chunky necklace?
Scarves are an excellent alternative for
monochromatic looks.
Monochromatic Jewelry with Patterned Fashions
When wearing patterned styles, remember that you want your accessories to complement not compete. This includes patterns in lace and stripes. Chunky monochromatic beads (every woman should have a set of chunky black beads) or pearls work best. For shoes and bags, pick out one colour in the pattern you want to highlight and match that.

Funky Bug Necklace breaks a few rules!

Break the Rules When Necessary
You all know my mantra: "The best style is confidence".  I am a firm believer in breaking fashion rules (including those above) if your inner fashionista cries for an alternate expression. The bottom line is this: If it makes you feel like a million bucks, wear it and pair it! 

 If you still need a helping hand when choosing the right accessories, stop in and see us at Anne's on the Avenue. Or find inspiration from my online shop: My style experts and I will help you find the perfect accessories for your look. New jewelry, watches, hats and purses are arriving weekly. Come in soon for the best selection! The boutique is located at 344 Manning Road in the Village Grove Plaza right here in Tecumseh. We are the premier fashion destination in the Windsor/Essex area.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

How to Choose the Perfect Striped Fashions for Your Figure

By Anne Waters

When the weather turns warm, it seems natural to think about striped fashions. Whether nautical or inspired by animal prints, striped attire is always fresh-looking and fun to wear. Not all stripes are equal, however. Certain striped patterns look fabulous on those with banana shape figures. But the same stripes crash and burn on those with apple or pear shaped figures. 

What stripes are best for you? First, if you aren't sure of your body type, be sure to read my body type blog. Then, follow my suggestions for choosing the perfect striped attire for your figure. Come to Anne's on the Avenue or visit my online shop: Here are some great dresses and tops I have in stock to flatter each body type:

Pear Shape Figure:    
Joseph Ribkoff Milan Striped Dress with Pink Patent Belt (sku: 40960). This dress is perfect for pear shape gals because it first draws the eye to the bright pink patent belt. Next, the eye continues upward, as this dress has an attention-getting upper. It has a bold, black and white v-stripe pattern and bright pink piping around the neckline and arm holes. The bottom half of the dress is slimming black with a slanted stripe feature in the middle and a ruffled hemline. These features help to camouflage a heavy lower body.  

Apple Shape Figure:  
Joseph Ribkoff Milan Print Dress (sku: 40756) in blue, red and gold. This dress has a middle vertical stripe-just one-that draws the eye upward, creating the illusion of height you apple shaped gals need. It also has awesome red side details that create the illusion of a thinner midsection. A perfect striped top for your apple figure is Frank Lyman's Assymetrical Abstract Print Top (sku: 36130).

Banana Shape Figure:  
Joseph Ribkoff Long Sleeve Striped Dress (sku: 40961) with fuchsia upper. Banana shaped gals can pull off horizontal stripes with ease and look fabulous in them. But what makes this dress even better for a banana shape gal is the fuchsia pink detail at the shoulders and neckline. This adds the illusion of a curvy chest. 

Hourglass Figure: 
Joseph Ribkoff Long Sleeve Striped Dress (sku: 40971) in navy and white. Yes, hourglass gals look fabulous in just about any striped style. But the button detail at the waist is especially attractive on you because it accents your femme fatale shape. You ladies look spectacular in just about any stripes, but you'll look especially good in Frank Lyman's Side Cut Abstract Tunic (sku: 36403) because of its belt-like midsection with red patchwork detail.

Abstract Tunic

All of the gorgeous fashions mentioned above are available online at, as well as in my boutique. My style experts and I would love to see you in person here at Anne’s on the Avenue. Come in and let us help you create your best striped look for spring. Your fashion is our passion! We are located in the Village Grove Plaza here in Tecumseh at 344 Manning Road. 

Remember: Your best style is confidence.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Irresistible Lacy Looks for Casual and Dressy Occasions

By Anne Waters

Ladies, we can finally celebrate our femininity and still be respected. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to add lacey pieces to your wardrobe. Perhaps you fight fires in the boardroom all day. Perhaps you wear the multiple hats of a stay-at-home mom. Whatever your lifestyle, you superwoman, here at Anne's on the Avenue, I have gorgeous lacey attire to suit you. Here are a few irresistible lacey looks from some of my favourite designers:

The Cape Crochet Pullover, Sky Pullover and the Pebble Pullover from Pure Handknits are all lovely lacy sweaters. They are perfect for layering in and out of the office. They come in fabulous spring colours like emerald green, turquoise and yellow. You'll want one of each when you see how pretty they are.

Joseph is known for his breathtaking dresses. He has three lace dresses this spring that are absolute show-stoppers. The first is sleeveless beauty in bright fuchsia pink. It has a peplum top, so it looks like you are wearing pretty lace separates. Then, you've got to see Joseph Ribkoff"s flirty lace and satin overlay dress. It features black lace layered over fuchsia pink satin. The hemline is full and ruffled-perfect for dancing.

Frank Lyman is another fabulous designer who knows just what we women love. He is offering luscious lace separates this spring. They come in black for a slimming and romantic flair. The first is a stunning lace overlay top with lacy capped sleeves and high, lacy neckline. The hemline is a ruffled peplum-it is absolutely splendid!  There is a matching pencil skirt in lace to go with the top or mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe.  

Are you ready to add some of these gorgeous lacy pieces to your wardrobe? They'll go fast so come see my style experts and me at Anne's on the Avenue soon for the best selection. We are located in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road in Tecumseh. If you don't have time to stop by, be sure to visit my online shop: You'll find all of the great lacey looks I described above there, as well. Your fashion is our passion!
And always remember: Your best style is confidence.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

How to Choose the Perfect Maxi Dress for Your Figure

By Anne Waters

Long, luscious maxi dresses are sizzling hot this spring. How do you choose the perfect maxi dress for your figure? You've got to know your body type. There are four basic body types: Pear, apple, hour glass and banana. Here is a description of each body type and the ideal maxi dress attributes for each:

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Pear Shape
Your body is heaviest on bottom. You have wide hips and buttocks. You need to play up your top half to make your figure seem more proportional and taller. Maxi dresses are a good choice because their continuous, long line helps you look taller. For maximum benefit, look for maxi dresses with bright colour or patterns on top to draw the eye upwards. 

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Apple Shape
You are heaviest on top with broad shoulders and large bust. You have a thick middle, too, even though your arms and legs are often slim. Sleeveless maxi dresses complement your slender arms and make you look taller and more proportional. For maximum benefit, look for maxi dresses which hide your tummy with busy patterns or bright colours below the waist. 

This Maxi doesn't have a belt but it is
clearly delineated by the pattern.

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Hour Glass Shape
Well, femme fatale, you have the classic hourglass shape the rest of us dream of having. Your chest is wide; your waist is small; your hips are wide. You can get away with most every style of maxi dress. Those that flatter you the most have a clear delineation between top and bottom like a belt or contrasting pattern at the waist. 

Frank Lyman Maxi for the Banana Shape

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Banana Shape 
You have the classic boy-friend figure-no prominent top of bottom attributes. You need to enhance your slender frame with the illusion of curves. Look for maxi dresses with plenty going on above the waistline but you really have the pick of the litter with your long slender frame. They should have plenty of bright colours or patterns. You can also wear chunky necklaces and brightly coloured scarves with maxi dresses to create the illusion of a curvy chest. 

Are you ready to find a fabulous maxi dress for your figure? Come in and let my expert stylists and me help you here at Anne's on the Avenue.  My boutique is the premiere fashion destination in the Windsor/Essex area. We are located in the Village Grove Plaza here in Tecumseh at 344 Manning Road. You can also purchase sensational maxi dresses in my online shop: www.annesontheavenue.comI have styles to flatter every body type!  

No matter what your figure, your best style is confidence.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Best Necklines for Full Figured Gals

By Anne Waters

Are you a full figured gal who finds it challenging to find stylish fashions that flatter your curves?  Pay attention to neckline shapes. If you know the necklines that flatter you most, you'll be able to find stunning attire for every occasion. Here are the most flattering neckline styles for full figured gals:

V-Neck Jacket

The V- Neckline:
V- necks include notch necklines and keyhole or peek-a-boo necklines. These necklines generally compliment a full figure. I make sure to have plenty of v-neck tops, tunics and dresses by your favourite designers in stock at Anne's on the Avenue and in my online shop:

Scoop Neckline by Joseph Ribkoff

The Scoop Neckline:
Scoop necklines include sweetheart necklines and U-necklines. These necklines look great on full figures. Just be sure they don't drape too low. I have some sensational scoop neckline tops and dresses by Joseph Ribkoff and others for you to choose from at the boutique or online.
Joseph Ribkoff Draped Cowl Neckline

The Draped Cowl:
The draped cowl, in a fabric that lies flat, is very flattering on full figured gals. I have some pretty draped cowl tops by Neon Buddha in stock at Anne's on the Avenue and in my online shop for you to choose from. There are also some fabulous Frank Lyman draped cowl tops that would also fit the bill.

Necklines to Avoid:
Try to avoid crew, turtleneck, mock turtleneck, square, boat and off- shoulder peasant necklines. Crew necklines are often too tight-looking and uncomfortable for those with fuller necks. Turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks accentuate fuller necks and chins in an unflattering way.  Horizontal necklines such as boat, square and off-shoulder peasant should be avoided because they draw attention to broad shoulders.

There you have it: the most flattering necklines for full figured gals! Come see us soon at the boutique and let us help you select your perfect spring wardrobe. Anne's on the Avenue is the premiere fashion destination for Windsor and Essex counties. We are located in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road right here in Tecumseh. Are you too busy to stop by? Shop with us online at

Remember: Your best style is confidence.

Monday, March 31, 2014

How to Hide Belly Bulge Frank Lyman Style

By Anne Waters

This prolonged winter hasn't been easy. Especially for those of us who want to shed a few pounds in fresh air through exercise. Don't worry if your holiday belly bulge is lingering. You can still look stylish and feel confident in Frank Lyman fashions this spring. Frank knows it can be hard to find attractive, properly fitting cloths when our tummies aren't cooperating. Here are five simply sensational spring styles to help you hide that bulge. The good news is they will all remain flattering after you conquer the bulge!

Who says you can't look fabulous in a dress even if your tummy is a bit larger than you'd like? The trick is to find dresses that play up your attributes while hiding your tummy. Frank Lyman does a perfect job with this lovely spring dress. It has an eye-catching honeycomb pattern upper with an attractive plunging neckline. Your tummy is covered in tiered black (slimming) ruffles. It is a fabulous dress you'll want to wear long after your belly bulge disappears.

A sweep of bright tropical colours is your friend in this fabulous top. The top itself is black (slimming) with a big, bold yellow, orange and turquoise hibiscus print. Those bright colours hide your belly bulge. The side tie can be loose or snug to fit your needs while you shed that bulge. Along the way, you'll get many compliments in this flattering Frank Lyman top.

You'll be ready for romance in this flirtatious, brightly coloured top. The peek-a-boo sleeves expose just enough shoulder to turn heads everywhere you go. The artsy pattern features bold streaks of turquoise, red, black, yellow and orange. All these bright colours are perfect for distracting attention away from your belly bulge.

If you love the colours of the Caribbean, this luxurious tunic top is for you. With rich sea-green, turquoise, yellow and orange, you'll feel like walking along wind-swept beaches while the sun kisses your head in this fresh and colourful top. All those fabulous colours and a roomy drape of fabric make this top the perfect candidate for masking belly bulge.

This striking black and white top takes its inspiration from the wild: the exotic zebra that roams Africa's savannahs. Make no mistake: this hot top is meant to be flirty. It has unique see-thru mesh on the shoulders and sleeves. The mix of striped patterns is swirled, not just vertical or horizontal. This makes this sizzling top perfect for camouflaging belly bulge. 

See how easy it is to hide belly bulge with Frank Lyman's fabulous fashions? Come visit us at in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road or browse my online shop:  to claim these captivating styles for your very own. Anne's on the Avenue is the premiere fashion destination in Windsor and Essex counties. Your fashion is our passion! Let us help you put together a stunning spring wardrobe your friends will envy. 

Always keep in mind: Your best style is confidence.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Fend Off Spring Chill with Striking Jackets from Joseph Ribkoff

By Anne Waters

Fabulous new spring jackets from world class Canadian designer Joseph Ribkoff have arrived! They are fresh and sophisticated. You will have a hard time deciding on just one of these beautiful jackets. You can purchase them at Anne's on the Avenue or in my online shop: Here is a brief preview of a few of these great new styles:

This jacket is so stylish. It features Joseph Ribkoff's bold honeycomb print in black and lime green. It has an attractive, wide ruffled collar and toggle button closure.  I love the wide cuffs on the sleeves, too. Sizes 4, 8 and 12 are still available in this lovely spring jacket. 

This captivating jacket is fit for a queen. It has a subtle satin sheen and double ruffle, wide collar. It is available in either fuchsia or royal blue and comes in sizes 8 and 12. No matter if you wear it to the office or on casual days with your jeans, you are sure to get lots of compliments!

I love the bold black and white graphic print on this jacket. It looks like it borrows inspiration from tribal elements. It features a modified crew neckline with an attractive plunging cut-out. It is available in even sizes 10 through 16. There's a matching sheath dress in the same sizes if you just can't get enough of this stunning, sophisticated pattern!

This pretty spring jacket is perfect for the office. It features a daisy-inspired black and white floral print. It is available in even sizes 10 through 18. A flattering black border extends from the neckline down the front of the jacket. The black border also extends to the side pockets and button flaps. If you like this eye-catching jacket, there is a gorgeous pencil skirt in the same attractive floral print available, as well. It comes in even sizes 6 to 14.

Aren't these jackets sensational? They will go fast so hurry in for the best selection. Anne's on the Avenue is located in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road, here in Tecumseh. We'd love to see you and help you find the perfect Joseph Ribkoff spring jacket for you. But if you're just too busy, be sure to shop for these sensational jackets in my online shop: By the way, the online selection of designer fashions is bigger and better than ever before! You will be pleasantly surprised at the large selection of unique and stylish fashions available, so be sure to check it out.

Each day remember: Your best style is confidence.