Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sensational Frank Lyman Dresses For Your Upcoming Cruise

Have you had enough of this winter? Are you planning to escape on a cruise to warmer locales anytime soon? Don’t forget to pack some of these sensational new dresses by Frank Lyman.  They are all in stock at my premier boutique, Anne's on the Avenue. The lovely pleated bottom dress is also available in my online shop:

Multi-Pattern Jersey Sheath Dress:  
Some fabulous dresses would look great on your cruise but they just don’t pass the packing test. Have you ever been disappointed when you pulled that wrinkled dream dress from your suitcase? You don’t have to worry with this sizzling jersey sheath dress from Frank Lyman. With its airy, forgiving jersey fabric, it will be ready to wear with a couple of shakes! I love the bold black trim and unique combination of patterns. Attractive paisley, bold red geometric shapes and optic window pane blocks all meld together to make an unforgettable dress!

Dress with Floral Skirt 
Frank Lyman keeps it ultra-feminine with this adorable dress. The background is slimming black. It features a ruffled skirt with bold tropical print . Blades of turquoise, red and purple round out this lovely pattern. It would be perfect to dance, dance, dance the night away on your cruise!

Pattern Maxi:  
I can’t say enough about this stunning Frank Lyman dress and its attractive combination of different shades of blue! You will definitely turn heads in this mod, floral inspired dress. . Fellow cruise-goers might just hound you for your autograph in this amazing dress. It’s got that certain celebrity style!

Dress with Pleated Bottom 
This flirty Frank Lyman dress is simple but elegant. Of course we all love the slimming black. But combined with the attractive butter-yellow trim, it’s just magical. I love the pleated detail in yellow at the bottom hemline.  It makes this dress both playful and sophisticated!

These cruise-worthy Frank Lyman dresses and more are arriving this weekend at Frank Lyman Trunk show at  Anne's on the Avenue. Come visit us at in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road or browse my online shop:  to claim your new captivating designer styles for 2015. Anne's on the Avenue is the premiere fashion destination in Windsor and Essex counties. Your fashion is our passion!

Always keep in mind: Your best style is confidence.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dress Your Best: Be True to Your Body Type

By Anne Waters

This is an exciting time of year at Anne’s on the Avenue. All of our winter and fall fashions and accessories are on sale. And best of all, sensational resort and transitional fashions for 2015 have started to arrive. To choose the best new pieces, you must know what styles will most flatter your figure. That means you must know your body type: pear, apple, hour glass or banana. The following descriptions of each type will help you identify yours:

Pear Shape 
You are much curvier below the waistline than above it. You need to to draw more attention to your torso and shoulders. You should choose fashions that make your figure seem taller and more proportional. Frank Lyman’s Mosaic Print Panel Dress is perfect for you because it has a high waist and vertical mosaic panels which draw the eye upward and make you appear taller.

Apple Shape  
You have a large chest, wide back and curvaceous buttocks. Your midsection tends to be wide even though your arms and legs are not. Your tummy bulge can be problematic. You need to wear fashions that hide your stomach and make you seem taller. Frank Lyman’s Jumpsuit is perfect for you because it is monochromatic from head to toe which makes you appear taller. Its fabulous wide legs make your figure seem more proportional. Also, it has forgiving pleats and a tie belt at the waist to camouflage your tummy.

Hour Glass Shape 
You have a wide chest, small waist and wide hips - the figure the rest of us covet. You turn heads in almost every style. Fashions that show-off all aspects of your hour glass figure are always most flattering. For example, you’d look amazing in Frank Lyman’s Pocket Detail Dress in black with yellow trim. It highlights your bust and hips in yellow trim and shows off your amazing waistline with its sleek vertical lines.

Banana Shape 
Your body type is slim without prominent bust or hips. Your fashions need to help you appear more curvaceous. Look for tops and dresses with patterns, embellishments like ruffles or lace, and bold colours in the chest area. These details will help create the illusion of a curvy chest. Frank Lyman Milan Scarf Print Dress is perfect for you. Its captivating scarf print creates the illusion of a bust line. However, its form-fitting shape looks stunning on your straight figure.

My style experts and I would love to help you pick the perfect outfits for your body type today. Don’t put it off: Fabulous Frank Lyman styles for spring 2015 are already here as well as available online at  Anne’s on the Avenue is located in the Village Grove Plaza right here in Tecumseh at 344 Manning Road. We are the premier fashion destination for the Windsor/Essex County area.

Regardless of your body type, remember: The best style is confidence.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Stock Up On Your Wardrobe Essentials During Our January Sale

By Anne Waters

Here’s a great reason to come shop during our January sale days at my premiere boutique, Anne’s on the Avenue: to stock up on all your wardrobe essentials. Yes, I ‘m talking about items you’ll reach for all year round. Right now, just about every wardrobe staple you need is in stock. And it’s all on sale. Here are a few wardrobe staples you can pick up at a great price during January:

1. Tops for layering: 
A basic top is usually the first essential building block of your daily look.  It could be a basic black or white t-shirt, tank, or sleeveless turtleneck. It could be an oversize tunic in a neutral colour like beige or olive green. Look for tops that are easy to layer over or under other pieces. Also look for tops in styles you wear often. For example, if you love boat neck shirts and wear them often, make sure you scoop some up during the January sale at Anne’s on the Avenue.

2. Career pants and jeans:
A few nice pairs of pants and ample pairs of jeans are essential in the modern wardrobe. Even if you aren’t a career girl, a nice pair of pants or two is always necessary for special occasions. And who can’t use an extra pair of jeans? Now is the time to add some more classic pants and jeans to your wardrobe. Raffinalla is an outstanding designer brand for beautiful career pants with hidden tummy control. As for jeans, if you haven’t tried Yoga jeans yet, you don’t know how truly comfortable jeans can be. Score a pair of both of these fabulous brands during the Anne’s on the Avenue January sale. 

3. Sheath dresses: 
Sheath dresses are ultimate wardrobe building blocks. They can be dressed up for work days at the office or dressed down for Sunday afternoon picnics. Sheath dresses can also be layered with so many other items in your wardrobe. For example, you can wrap a shawl-size scarf around a sheath and keep it in place with a stylish wide belt. You can wear boots, heels or flats with sheath dresses, depending on your mood. Now is the time to scoop up the basic sheath dresses you’ll be wearing year round.

Come see us soon to get your favourite wardrobe essentials during our fabulous January sale. Of course, you might also be tempted to get a few jazzy new pieces that aren’t all that essential. So what? You’re worth it. Anne's on the Avenue is located right here in Tecumseh in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road. Your fashion is our passion!

Remember, ladies: Your best style is confidence.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fabulous Tops for Hiding that Holiday Tummy Bulge

By Anne Waters

It's hard not to put on a few extra pounds around this time of year. All those homemade baked goods are just too hard to resist. Well, don’t despair, my dear fashionistas.  Here are some of my favourite tops for hiding that holiday tummy bulge:

1. Bali Geometrical Print Tunic: 
This stylish tunic by Bali is done in classic black and white. It features slimming black sleeves and black, off-center collar. The captivating black and white geometric pattern is the perfect camouflage for your tummy bulge. Pair this forgiving tunic with Raffinalla's fantastic tummy control pants. You'll be the best dressed fashionista in the room.

2. Parkhurst Tilburn Tunic

Super sleek knit tunics like this are perfect for hiding tummy bulge. The lovely faux cowl neck draws attention away from the stomach, as well. You'll have plenty of room to breathe in this non-form fitting tunic.

3. Pure Handknit Square Knit Sweater with Faux Sleeve:
This sweater's boxy hemline makes it another winner in the tummy bulge camouflage department. It features a drape cowl neck and stylish large square knit pattern. It's available in pastel blue or white.

These fabulous styles and so many more are available at my premier boutique, Anne's on the Avenue. We are located in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road right here in Tecumseh. Let me and my experts show you how to look your best this holiday season, tummy bulge or not. Or shop with confidence from the comfort of your own home at
Never forget: Your best style is confidence.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Beat Winter Blahs at the Anne's on the Avenue January Sale

By Anne Waters

Are you fighting a bad case of the winter blahs right now? Here's something to put a smile back on your face and a skip in your step: The big January sale has begun at my premier boutique, Anne's on the Avenue. Savvy fashionistas will scoop up the designer fashions they've been craving these past few months.  

So get dressed, grab a donut and cup of java and head right down to Anne's on the Avenue. My expert stylists and I will make sure you have an absolutely fabulous time while you're here.  Here are a few of the great finds (winter/fall fashions only) you can purchase right now for 50% off at Anne's on the Avenue:

1. Winter Coats: 
We still have some great show stoppers from your favourite designers. These include fabulous color-splashed faux fur coats from Simon Chang. There are also a few high couture balloon-bottom coats from Samuel Dong left in stock. Other fabulous coats from Luc Fontaine, Parkhurst and more are waiting to keep you feeling cozy and pampered this winter.

2. Sweaters: 
This winter, we've had a bigger and better than ever selection of sweaters for you. These include sweaters from international designers like those of Marble from Scotland. We still have an amazing selection of both casual and dressy sweaters for you to choose from. And as we live in the Great White North, every fashionista knows you can never have too many sweaters!

3. Scarves and Accessories: 
Don't forget to check out all of the fabulous scarves and accessories on sale at Anne's on the Avenue this month. At these sale prices, you'll want to stock up on your favourites. It's also a great time to try something new. Don't worry if you have no clue how to accomplish this. My style experts and I are here to help!

Just thinking about the January sale at Anne's on the Avenue beats my winter blahs. Come let us help you get rid of yours, too!  Anne's on the Avenue is located right here in Tecumseh in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road. We are the premier fashion destination for entire the Windsor/Essex Counties area.  

At these prices, we cannot guarantee that anything pictured in this post will be in the store. Things are moving quickly.

Always remember: Your best style is confidence.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Your New Year's Fashion Resolutions

By Anne Waters

Happy New Year to all our fabulous customers! Anne's on the Avenue continues to be the premier fashion destination in the Windsor/Essex County area. My expert stylists and I could not have achieved this honour without your loyal support. Thank you for a wonderful 25 years and many more ahead!

While the New Year is fresh upon us, resolve to make your fashion resolutions for 2015. Here are my suggestions to make 2015 your most stylish and confident year ever:

If you haven't already done so, make it your top fashion New Year's resolution to get this done. During this session, we'll cover your style needs in five simple but crucial steps. First we'll go over the demands on your wardrobe dictated by your lifestyle. Whether you are a career woman or the world's busiest mom, we'll figure out the clothes your wardrobe must have. The next steps will cover everything from key pieces you already own to fabulous upgrades you'll need. Finally, we'll suggest complementary pieces to stretch your wardrobe and how to pull your look together with accessories. Make 2015 your best fashion year ever. Book your Passport For Style appointment today.

Marsala is the Pantone's colour of the

2. Add One Colour You Don't Normally Wear to Your Wardrobe

Do you find you have the fashion doldrums? Do you wear basic black all the time? Change things up a bit by adding accessories in a colour you don't usually wear. First, try a bold raspberry pink scarf or neon blue belt. Whatever accessory you choose, if you are pleased with your look with one piece, add another in the same fresh colour the next time. For example, if you loved how fire engine red gloves looked with your basic black ensemble, add a pair of fire engine red shoes the next time. If you repeat this process often enough, you're guaranteed to stumble on a new colour to add to your wardrobe that you'll look and feel great in.

3. Wear Mixed Patterns

Most budding fashionistas shy away from this one. But if you start by mixing different patterns of the same colours, you'll gain the confidence you need. For example, Try a classic black and white houndstooth pattern skirt with a black and white polka-dot blouse. The trick is to make sure one pattern is not fighting the other. Large houndstooth with small polka-dots or vice versa looks 
absolutely magical.

4. Have More Than One Go-To Bag

I am totally guilty of using one hand bag day after day. It's just easier than switching purses all the time. But try placing essentials like makeup, tissues, stationery and pens in each of two or three fabulous bags. Then, all you'll need to do is change out your wallet and cell phone each day. And your look will be more fashionable as you choose your bag to better coordinate with your different outfits.

Well, my dear fashionistas, are you ready to make the exciting New Year's fashion resolutions above? Great! We'll see you soon at Anne's on the Avenue to go over your Passport For Style. The boutique is located right here in Tecumseh in the village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road.

Never forget, ladies: Your best style is confidence.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fend Off Winter Chill in Parkhurst Outerwear

By Anne Waters

If you think Parkhurst only makes great capes, you haven't been by Anne's on the Avenue lately. I have some wonderful Parkhurst outerwear in stock in addition to their fabulous capes. You can also order online at Let me tell you about some of my favourite Parkhurst chill busters below:

This Parkhurst beauty is the most glamorous coat of the year. It sold out so fast, customers pleaded with me to order more.  The luxurious faux leopard pattern is soft and indulgent. Choose it with camel or grey spots. The stylish swing bottom allows for plenty of bulky layers underneath if necessary. You'll feel like an heiress in this coat. 

This Parkhurst jacket features a fresh take on the classic houndstooth pattern. The familiar black pattern isn't just jumbo size. It is on a red background, as well. It's an absolutely fabulous update to the traditional black and white small scale pattern. I also love how the houndstooth transitions to pure grey at the top of the jacket. You'll get plenty of compliments on this stylish piece.

This unique cardigan features an awesome faux leather piping trim. It's fun and street wise. It's made of very thick wool so it could double as a coat. I think it’s a perfect sophisticated update of the traditional collegiate cardigan. College fashionistas and would-be poets will love it.

Look at the totally gorgeous feathery faux fur trim on this vest. From a distance, it really does look like it is trimmed in exotic black feathers with white dappled spots. On closer inspection, you can see that is dappled faux fur. It is the perfect mix of warmth and glamour. I just love it! 

Aren't these Parkhurst outerwear selections to die for? We also have their lovely capes in stock at my premier boutique, Anne's on the Avenue. Parkhurst outerwear is also available online at You can find the boutique in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road right here in Tecumseh. Come let us help you pick the perfect designer fashions for your personality and lifestyle.

Ladies, don't ever forget: Your best style is confidence.