Monday, July 27, 2015

How to Know What Fashions to Buy This Fall

If you’ve ever opened your closet door and groaned, you’re not alone. Figuring out what to wear can be overwhelming sometimes. It’s even harder when the seasons are about to change. Especially if you have a limited budget.  Here are my tips to help you figure out the essentials you’ll need this fall:

1. Choose a time with no distractions and a peaceful place where you can fully relax. If this is your back patio on morning at 5:00 am, so be it!  Bring along a cup or glass of your favourite beverage. Also have a pen and paper or your tablet with you.

      2. Think about your lifestyle. Think about the clothes you wear most often in the fall and are happiest in.  Don’t worry if this seems overwhelming. My expert stylists and I at Anne's on the Avenue can help you sort everything out. So just write it all down.

      3. Once you have identified the clothing styles that most fit your fall lifestyle and make you the happiest, it’s time to visit your closet. Move all the pieces of clothing that don’t fit this profile to the back. We want to focus on fall attire!

      4. Separate the fall clothes you wear often into two groups: foundation pieces (those you can mix and match with almost anything, like a black pair of pants or a grey turtleneck) and stand-alone attire.

5. Try on your foundation pieces. Make sure they still fit and look great. They should make you feel stylish and confident. Remove any item that doesn’t make the cut! (Consider donating these retired items to charity.) Any foundation pieces that are no longer acceptable should be placed on your fall “to buy” list.

6. With your foundation pieces in mind, mix and match other fall items from your wardrobe with them like colourful or patterned tunic and tops. If you are tired of your choices, add a few to your “to buy” list. Even tight fall budgets can accommodate at least one or two new trendy pieces to freshen things up. Consider purchasing a lacy, high collar top or brocade skirt or jacket.

Are you still overwhelmed? Bring your list of favourite fall clothes to my premiere boutique, Anne's on the Avenue. We can help you build a fabulous fall wardrobe around them. Your fashion is our passion! Did you know we’ve moved to a new location?  We are now in the prestigious East Pointe Trails Plaza at 1695 Manning Road, right here in Tecumseh.

Remember ladies: Your best style is confidence.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

More Hot Fall 2015 Fashion Trends

Last week I gave you a list of four of the hottest fall fashion trends. You can read that blog here. But those items aren’t the only fresh, exciting styles you’ll be wearing this fall. Here are another four fall fashion trends to watch for at my premier boutique, Anne’s on the Avenue:

Carwash Pleats:

Big, bouncy open pleats (we call them carwash pleats) will adorn many skirts and dresses. They complement the revived craze for 1970’s fringed fashions. Remember when you just had to have fringe-trimmed leather jackets and purses? Well, these carwash pleats are an updated version for us 21st century gals! They are both sophisticated and fun to strut around in.

Grey Suits & Office Wear

Menswear looks will dominate career fashions this fall. And the colour grey will be the flagship shade. You’ll notice ladies wearing grey suits, tops, dresses and skirts everywhere. That’s because grey is a “power” colour. It will give you the confidence to rule the boardroom-then the world!

Oversize Buttons:

Oversize buttons will give jackets, tops and tunics an artsy, futuristic look. Look for them on coats and sweaters this fall, as well. They won’t all be round in shape, either. Look for triangular and square shaped versions to add a modern flair to your wardrobe.


This fall, turtlenecks will be hotter than ever before. They’ll take their cue from the modern menswear look. Wear them under your sophisticated grey suits. Layer them under your lacey, high collar white blouses. Choose turtlenecks in neutral colours that you can mix and match with several pieces in your wardrobe.

Fabulous fall fashions like these are now arriving daily here at Anne's on the Avenue. Come see us soon for the best selection!  If you didn’t already know, we are now located in the prestigious Easte Point Trails Plaza at 1695 Manning Road, right here in Tecumseh. You can also shop with us online at .
Always remember:  Your best style is confidence.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Must-Have Fall 2015 Accessories

Hot fall fashions would be missing something without great accessories. Don’t worry! The hottest fall accessories have started to arrive at my premier boutique, Anne’s on the Avenue.  You won’t want to be without these essential items this fall:

A Colourful Handbag:

This fall’s palette includes some amazing hues like Cadmium Orange, Cashmere Rose and Amethyst Orchid. These vivid colours are not for timid souls. But even if you are not one to wear bright colours, you can accessorize your fall wardrobe with a lovely handbag in one of these shades. You’ll see colourful handbags everywhere this fall.

A Shimmering Statement Necklace: 

Chunky statement necklaces have been in style for a while now. But this fall, the trend will be focusing on shimmering, very feminine examples. Floral necklaces with plenty of sparkling rhinestones, iridescent beads or dazzling sequins will be hot tickets.

Oversize Bracelets: 

Patterns, especially tapestry-inspired motifs, will be everywhere this fall. Often, a chunky necklace will clash with such attire. So skip the chunky necklace and opt for chunky bracelets to accessorize your look with these styles. I love the look of oversize bracelets, either alone or layered.

Other Fall Must-Haves:
Tights and mid-calf boots will be hot this fall. You’ll see this pairing with both casual and career dresses and skirts. I like the proportions of mid-calf boots. They look more balanced than ankle boots do, especially with dresses. And they’re much more comfortable than tall boots. As for tights, the variety and textures this fall will be almost as large as the coming sweater selection. So have fun mixing and matching them with your fall outfits. One other hot fall accessory trend will be the skinny scarf. Think women’s tie! As with tights, you’ll find these menswear-inspired scarves in lots of patterns and textures.

Come check out our hot fall accessories at Anne’s on the Avenue. New accessories and designer fashions are arriving daily. We are now located in the prestigious Easte Pointe Trails Plaza at 1695 Manning Road. Stop in and see us soon! And don’t forget to check my online shop: There are several gorgeous fashions in the “sale room”!
Always reme

Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Sneak Peek at Fall 2015's Hottest Fashion Trends

Another summer is slipping by faster than I can keep up with it! At my premier boutique, Anne’s on the Avenue, fall fashions have already begun to arrive. Just what hot fashion trends can you expect this fall?  Here are four of our favourites so far:

Pants with High Waist Lines:
High waist pants add sophistication to any wardrobe. Pair these hot fall numbers with patent leather belts and heels and you’ll be ready for any boardroom. For a day on the town, pair them with mid-size heels (for walking) and your favourite wide brimmed hat. You’ll look like an heiress out for a stroll before afternoon tea.

Victorian Inspiration:
Who says lace is just for spring and summer? This fall, expect to see lots of lace, especially in frilly, high neckline blouses. They’ll provide a much need feminine touch to your fall menswear-inspired suits and pants. (Oops! I think I just gave away another hot fall fashion trend!) By the way, if you’re trying to figure out how to accessorize these lovely high-necked blouses, take a cue from Victorian ladies. Cameos and/or large rhinestone brooches worn right over the center of your neck will look fabulous!

Brocade Fabrics and Prints:
Brocade (think antique carpet bag) or tapestry, as many refer to it, will be all the rage this fall. Often, dark coloured and floral, this motif was once reserved for heavy coats and well, carpet bags. But the fall 2015 brocade look will be found on dresses, skirts, tunics and tops and even pants. Of course, the heavier brocade fabrics will be reserved for outerwear. But brocade-inspired prints on linens, cottons and other lighter weight fabrics will be everywhere.

Fluted Hemlines:
No matter the length, skirts with flouncy, fluted hemlines will be popular this fall. Dresses will sport these lovely hemlines, as well. We love these playful, ultra-feminine hemlines! They are perfect for dancing and romancing. Choose a mid-length or ankle length fluted skirt for the office. Pair it with your favourite long jacket. Choose a fluted skirt that rests just above or below the knee for casual day outings. Pair it with your favourite jean jacket or oversize sweater.

Come visit us soon at Anne's on the Avenue to get your pick of these hot fall fashion trends. New designer collections are arriving daily. My expert stylists and I can help you select a fall wardrobe they’ll drool over! If you didn’t already know, we are now located in the prestigious Easte Point Trails Plaza at 1695 Manning Road, right here in Tecumseh. You can also shop with us online at .
Always remember:  Your best style is confidence.

Monday, July 13, 2015

A Glimpse of the Fall 2015 Fashion Colour Palette

It’s almost mid-July-can you believe it?  Fall will be here in the blink of an eye, my dear fashionistas. It’s time to share with you the most exciting fashion news of this coming fall: The fall colour palette!

If you weren’t already aware, each year the colour trend setters at Pantone pick a select palette of ten colours that will influence the fashion industry in the fall. This year, the palette contains mainly muted, earthy, soothing shades. 

The one vibrant shade in the entire palette is Amethyst Orchid. It has a neon lilac or bright lavender hue.  You can see the entire palette here. Below is a brief description of all ten of the new fabulous fall 2015 colours. Keep them in mind as you begin to assemble your fabulous fall wardrobe here at my premier boutique, Anne's on the Avenue. 

Earthy Shades:

Oak Buff, Marsala, Cadmium Orange and Cashmere Rose are all colours found in the desert country of the Southwest United States. Think of the rocky landscape and breathtaking, colour-streaked skies at sunset. Oak Buff is sandy beige. Marsala (the colour of the year) is a rich red wine shade. Cadmium Orange is a pinkish-peach colour. And Cashmere Rose is a lovely pastel violet. Look for tops, tunics and dresses combining these beautiful desert colours in rich patterns this fall.

Muted Shades:

Dried Herb, Desert Sage, Stormy Weather, and Reflecting Pond are all muted shades that remind me of military uniforms and camouflage gear. There is a noticeable absence of green in the 2015 fall palette. But the muted blues Stormy Weather (deep blue-gray) and Reflecting Pond (muted navy) step in as qualified substitutes. Both Dried Herb and Desert Sage are hues of grey. Dried Herb has warm undertones. Desert Sage has cool undertones. These four muted colours will be found in everything from tops to pants and coats this fall. They offer a pleasing backdrop to the warmer desert shades in the palette.

Wild Card Shades:

This coming fall's wild card shades are Biscay Bay and Amethyst Orchid. Biscay Bay is a teal blue. As I mentioned above, Amethyst Orchid is very bright lavender.  Look for these standout colours in accessories like shoes, bags and scarves. Also look for them in jewelry like oversize hoop earrings, bracelets and chunky necklaces.

Isn’t this fall palette sensational?  Come visit us soon at Anne's on the Avenue. Our fall designer fashions will be arriving daily. We can help you select your wardrobe from the stunning Pantone fall colour palette.

Did you know that we just celebrated the grand opening of our new location? We are now in the prestigious Easte Pointe Trails Plaza at 1695 Manning Road, right here in Tecumseh. You can also shop with us online at .
Keep in mind, ladies, your best style is confidence.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summer Pants For Every Body Type

Summer pants are a staple we all love to fall back on when the days get long and lazy. They always look smashing on boutique mannequins. But in real life, we all have different body types. The trick is to pick the perfect pair of summer pants for your body type. Here are some quick style tips to help you look your best:

Large-bosomed ladies look lovely in traditional summer pants sporting bright colours and patterns. Vividly coloured Capri pants in any length also work well. If you must wear a neutral colour pant with no print, tie a brightly coloured, bulky scarf around the waistline to offset your bosom. Whatever look you go for, remember: Bright colours and patterns draw attention away from your chest.

Pear-shaped ladies need summer pants that draw attention away from heavy legs and/or buttocks. Neutral coloured pants with flat fronts, no pockets and no pattern are a perfect choice. Pair them with brightly coloured, patterned tops. This combination will draw attention above your waist. Also, make sure to select looser fitting summer pants that don’t emphasize tummy or thigh bulge.

Petite ladies should wear Capri pants in shorter lengths in summer to make your legs look longer. I like Michael Phillips’ short leggings with polka dot and bow cuffs. Also, wear heels with your Capri pants, if possible. They’ll make your legs seem even longer. Avoid longer length pants with bulky designs. They are too overpowering for a petite frame.

Congratulations! You tall ladies can get away with summer pants of any length. Try them with the latest trendy flats, not heels, since you don't need to worry about appearing taller. Then you’ll look super stylish and still be comfortable, as well.

There you have it: summer pants to flatter every figure! Stop by my premiere boutique, Anne's on the Avenue and let us help you select a sensational pair of summer pants for you. We have a fabulous new location in the Easte Pointe Trails Plaza at 1695 Manning Road, right here in Tecumseh. Is your schedule too hectic to come visit us right now? You can always shop with us online at
Remember, your best style is confidence.

Monday, July 6, 2015

More Must-Have Ariella Fashions For Summer

In June, I wrote a blog introducing you to Ariella fashions here at my premiere boutique, Anne’s on the Avenue. You can read it here. If you haven’t had a chance to check out this fantastic collection yet, you’re going to love it.  These enticing summer fashions are also available in my online shop:  Here are some more new must-have Ariella looks:  

This dishy top is guaranteed to turn heads. It features flirtatious cut-outs at the shoulders and fun flutter-cut short sleeves.  The halter style collar is made of attractive faux black leather. I also like the wide, swing hemline at the waist. It hides summer tummy bulge perfectly. Available in sultry, slimming black.

This pretty crocheted top is the perfect summer layer over your tops or dresses. It will give you a bit of extra warmth on breezy summer days while still allowing your skin to breathe. I love the zipper closure. You don’t have to pull this airy piece over your head.  So you won’t mess up your hair or smudge your makeup putting it on. Available in creamy white.

All the colours of a summer garden at twilight can be found on this lovely sleeveless maxi dress. The background is black as night. Reds, pinks, golds and touches of blue pop out at you from its pretty floral print. The breathable fabric and spaghetti straps make it perfect for summer days and evenings when the temperature climbs above 27 degrees Celsius.

Aren’t these Ariella fashions irresistible? They’re available at Anne’s on the Avenue and in my online shop: We have a new location to better serve you. Anne's on the Avenue, is now located in the East Point Trails Plaza at 1695 Manning Road in Tecumseh. We can’t wait to welcome you to the redesigned boutique!
Remember ladies:  Your best style is confidence.