Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fashion Fireworks at Anne's on the Avenue

By Anne Waters

This time of year is filled with events that include impressive firework displays. I just love the splash of neon colours against the dark night sky, don't you? Well, you can add some spectacular fireworks to your summer wardrobe. Here are some of the best and brightest fashion fireworks available at my premier boutique, Anne's on the Avenue, right now:

Spanner's Two-Tone Jeans: 
These attractive jeans are perfect for this time of year. They are white on top and transition to a bright colour at the bottom. The effect is fresh and unique. They remind me of a modernist painting.  Spanner has also created a bevy of mix and match summer tops and jackets to pair with them in white or the same bright colour as these jeans.

Frank Lyman's Colourful Maxi Dress: 
Maxi dresses are huge in the fashion world this summer. If you purchase just one, make it this absolute beauty by Frank Lyman. Can you believe all the breathtaking colours it has? There is no question that this dress is fashion's answer to fireworks. I just love it.

Spanner's Lime Green Tops: 
Wow! We love Spanner's lime green line here at Anne's on the Avenue. Just look at this amazing sequined tank top and long sleeve shirt combo. They look just like fireworks, don't they? If you are yearning for a pop of colour for your summer attire, you need look no further.

Brightly Coloured Accessories: 
Fashion fireworks aren't just about adding colourful attire to your wardrobe. It can also include some fabulous accessories in vivid colours. Right now at Anne's on the Avenue, we have some absolutely amazing accessories. Whether you choose a bright green or blue purse, or an electric raspberry scarf, we can satisfy your craving for colour. Don't forget to look at our colourful summer jewelry, either. There is something for every style and need.

These captivating fashion fireworks won't stay in stock too long. So come and see us soon for the best selection. Anne's on the Avenue is located at 344 Manning Road in the Village Grove Plaza right here in Tecumseh. Did you know we are the premier fashion destination for the Windsor/Essex area? Let us help you look fabulous this summer.

Never Forget: The best style is confidence.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Glimpse of the Fall 2014 Fashion Colour Palette

By Anne Waters

Get a big glass of ice tea and sit down to read this blog, dearest fashionistas! I know it's still the middle of summer, but don't you like sneak peeks of things to come? Well, today, I'm going to share with you the most exciting fashion news of this coming fall: The fall colour palette!

Every year, the colour trend setters at Pantone pick two select palettes of ten colours each that will influence the fashion industry and beyond in the following months. The colour palette for this coming fall has a little something for every gal's taste. There are muted shades, spicy shades and metallic shades. You can see the entire palette here. Below is a brief description of these fabulous fall colours. I've also included photos of some of our early bird, gorgeous fall arrivals here at my premier boutique, Anne's on the Avenue.  Keep them in mind as you begin to assemble your wardrobe for fall.

Metallic shades:
Aluminum is a pale grey colour and Cognac is a copper-brown. Both will dazzle as metallics. In addition to the fall staples like jackets and pants, look for both of these shades in metallic fall accessories like purses and jewelry.

This is Spanner's Summer Collection but
these colours will be popular this fall.

Muted Shades:
Mauve Mist is a pastel shade of mauve. Cypress is a muted moss green. Both of these colours will be found in everything from tops to pants and coats this fall. They offer a pleasing contrast to the bolder shades in the palette.

Vibrant Shades:
Radiant orchid, Bright Cobalt and Sangria will be this fall's head-turners. Of course, Radiant Orchid, which is a luscious shade of mauve, has been picked as the colour of the year. It was in spring's colour palette and it is no surprise that it shows up in the fall 2014 palette, as well. Bright Cobalt, a pretty medium blue, is another vibrant shade. It coordinates well with every other colour in the fall palette, so have fun experimenting with it! Finally, Sangria is a rich, berry-tone shade. We have a gorgeous black lace overlay dress with a sangria background for fall.

Spicy Shades: 
Aurora Red and Misted Yellow remind me of desert shades. Also, they remind me of the colours of crisp fall leaves falling to the ground and spices like paprika and mustard. We have a gorgeous sweater set by Alison Sheri that features both of these spicy fall colours.

Wild Card Shade: 
This coming fall's wild card shade is Royal Blue. Last year, the wild card shade was Emerald. Emerald was a bold and bright sea-green. It was an unexpected but pleasing addition to the fall colour palette. This year, Royal Blue has the same honor. Look for it in accessories like shoes, bags and scarves. Also look for it in bold enameled necklaces and chunky bangle bracelets.

Are you as excited for this fall yet as I am? Come visit us at Anne's on the Avenue. Let us help you select your fall wardrobe from the fabulous Pantone fall colour palette. Your friends will be so jealous! We are located in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road, right here in Tecumseh. You can also shop with us online at
Keep in mind, ladies, your best style is confidence.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Coolest Looks for the Hottest Days

By Anne Waters

July is here and scorching summer heat has arrived with it. Don't worry, fashionistas! You can stay cool and look your best by dressing in the best summer styles. Here are a few smashing summer looks available at my premiere boutique, Anne's on the Avenue. They will keep you comfortable on these hot, hot July days.

I am partial to this light and airy pairing by Spanner. The pretty colours are perfect for hot summer days: crisp white with turquoise and navy blue accents. It's a fresh look that can be worn on land or at sea. You'll be ready for any playful summer day activities. The adorable spotted ankle pants are versatile enough to carry you through to cocktail hour and dinner, too. Just change your top, and you're good to go.

Spanner Wash Print Tank (sku: R14114) with Spanner Capri (sku: R14103): 
This classy pair will take you from shopping about the town to museum gazing and then some. The gorgeous modernist tank is white with broad strokes of platinum grey and lemon yellow. Mix or match it with different colours of Spanner's capri pants. The pants are available in black, white or yellow. Top off the outfit with your favorite metallic strappy sandals and clutch. You'll be staying cool while looking ultra-sophisticated.

Rock 'N Karma Arrival Top in Miami Design (sku: ARRIVAL):
Those fabulous designing Shapiro sisters at Rock 'N Karma call this a top. But it falls mid thigh, so it can double as an adorable little black dress for summer. I love the sunglasses on the front, don't you?  Wear leggings with it if you must. With this sassy little number, you'll look lovely in bare feet or sandals.

This cool summer tank has a stylish, rouched center design in front. It is available in grey or orange. Pair it with Neon Buddha's capri pants in navy, white or turquoise. Both tank and capris are made from eco-conscious, sustainable cotton. You'll look stylish, stay super cool and help the planet all at the same time.

Aren't these spectacular outfits to fight the summer heat in? They are available at Anne's on the Avenue or in my online shop:  I guarantee they won't last long, so shop soon for the best selection. We'd love to see you in person. The boutique is located in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road, right here in Tecumseh. Your fashion is our passion!

And always remember, ladies: The best style is confidence.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Don't Let Flabby Arms Stop You from Being Stylish and Comfortable this Summer

By Anne Waters

Time isn't especially good to our arms. As we age, they lose that youthful firmness. Call them flabby arms, chicken wings, etc. They are intimidating-especially in the sizzling summer months. This is the time when others can display bare arms without a second thought. Well, even if your arms are bit flabby, you can be stylish and comfortable this summer, too. Here are four great tops available now at Anne's on the Avenue to help you accomplish this:

This romantic top is white with splashes of soft watercolours here and there. The drop sleeves are full and forgiving. They are perfect for hiding arm flab. This top is just a bit sheer, so you might want to wear another light layer beneath it. Be sure it's equally as pretty and comfortable, of course.

2. Animal Print Chiffon Blouse 
This flirty summer top is done in almost weightless chiffon-perfect for hot summer months! The wispy sleeves are full so no one will be able to tell you have any arm flab at all. Besides, they will be too busy admiring the exotic animal print. And you'll be cool and comfortable while you accomplish your tasks in style.

3. Miracle Body Abstract Top (Google Plus photo from July 3rd)
This ultra-modern black and white top is forgiving in two ways: It hides tummy bulge and arm flab. The attractive three-quarter sleeves aren't skin tight. And the sleeves have the same busy abstract pattern as the rest of the top. This top is stylish camouflage for your arms and tummy.

Everyone else is showing off a little skin. Why shouldn't you! Just because your underarms have a bit of flab, doesn't mean your upper arms and shoulders aren't attractive. So show them off in this pretty peek-a-boo sleeved top. It will help you stay cool and look stylish all summer long!

These gorgeous, flabby-arm-forgiving tops won't stay in stock long. So come see us soon to get your favourites! The Spanner and Frank Lyman tops mentioned are also available online at:  The boutique is located in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road, right here in Tecumseh. We are Windsor/Essex Counties' premier fashion destination. We'd love to get to know you so stop by soon!

Never forget, ladies: Your best style is confidence.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Picnic Perfect Summer Dresses

By Anne Waters

Have you been invited to a special picnic this summer? Perhaps it is a playful first date. Or perhaps it is a class reunion event. I know you'll want to stand out just a little. You'll want those around you to look and say, "Wow!" I know a great way to make such a statement. Wear a flirty dress on your picnic. Others will be in shorts and capri pants. You'll win the prize for summer style and originality. Here are some great dresses from my premier boutique, Anne's on the Avenue, for you to choose from:

1. Frank Lyman colour block sundress (Dress above.):
I just love the vivid, multi-colour blocks in this flirty little sundress. Blue, green, yellow, hot pink and red jump out at me, but there are more. The dress itself is done in slimming black, easy-care fabric. It widens into an airy, pleated skirt at the waist. It's perfect for twirling around in the park or dancing with your beau.

This dress has a sweet, old-fashion air about it. It has ultra feminine lines, especially the pleated full skirt. Even though it is black and white, the pretty fuchsia pink belt gives it a pop of fresh colour for summer. If you chose this lovely dress, you will be the best-dressed lady at the picnic-in the prettiest attire.

This is another little attention-grabber. The hot purple and pink swirling pattern is gorgeous and ultra-modern. The rest of the dress is in slimming black. Not only is the fabric easy care it is ultra comfortable and flattering, too. Again, the skirt is full. Give it a playful twirl and all eyes will be on you.

This dreamy tie dye sundress is for all you nostalgic girls who remember the 1960s with fondness. It's also for all you gals who wish you could stow away on a tropical island forever. You'd be sitting pretty in this dress while sipping tropical drinks and listening to Jimmy Buffet tunes. Even if you can't really run away to an island, this splashy sundress will take you there in your imagination.

Aren't all of these wonderful dresses just perfect for picnics on hot summer days? Which one will you be taking home for your special summer picnic? They are all available at Anne's on the Avenue. And most are also available in my online shop: Did you know that we are the Windsor/Essex Counties premier fashion destination? The boutique is located in the Village Grove Plaza here in Tecumseh. We hope to see you soon!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Irresistible Black and White Summer Fashions by Frank Lyman

By Anne Waters

Black and white fashions have always provided a sophisticated summer look. This summer, you must check out Frank Lyman's exquisite black and white creations. Not only are they the height of summer style, they are comfortable and easy to care for, too. Here are some of the smashing new Frank Lyman designs I have waiting for you at my premiere boutique, Anne's on the Avenue:

1. Sensational Black and White Tops 
One of my favourite new looks for summer is this fabulous polka dot and stripe combo top.  I love the mix of large and small stripes and dots. The cute side tie on the bottom hemline is absolutely adorable, too. This top can be worn to the office under a jacket or sweater. Then, at the end of the day, or during the weekend, it is perfect by itself for casual parties and picnics. You will get plenty of mileage out of this top and other black and white tops by Frank Lyman this summer.

2. Pretty Polka Black and White Dot Dress 
I love this pretty little sleeveless polka dot dress. It features an attractive, pleated full skirt. The faux belt at the waistline adds another sweet feminine touch. This is another versatile Frank Lyman piece you will reach for again and again. It can be dressed up for the office with pearls and a sweater. It would also make a pretty day trip dress with your favourite sandals, bag and scarf.  

3. Sizzling Spotted Pants and Peek-A-Boo Sleeve Black Top
Frank Lyman is the king when it comes to cocktail hour sophistication. This stunning combo is proof. I love the dot-splashed, wide-leg pants. They are both stylish and captivating. Combined with this sizzling black peek-a-boo sleeve top, this outfit is a show stopper. It is hard to believe it is also easy to care for and wrinkle resistant.

4. Striking White Wide Leg Pants and Nautical Look Black and White Top
This is another must-have Frank Lyman combination for summer. I love the sophistication and versatility of the wide-leg white pants. The ultra attractive black top with white nautical look faux belt and trim is a perfect complement to them. This is a perfect about-the-town outfit. It will make you feel and look like a millionaire. People will be wondering where your yacht is moored.

Have I teased you enough with these fabulous Frank Lyman summer fashions? Come see us soon at Anne's on the Avenue to claim your favourites. I guarantee these great looks won't last long. We are located right here in Tecumseh, in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road. Did you know Anne's on the Avenue is the premier fashion destination for Windsor and Essex Counties? Your fashion is our passion!

Never forget: Your best style is confidence.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Experience the Dazzling Colours of Frank Lyman's Summer Dresses

By Anne Waters

I've featured Frank Lyman's summer fashions quite a few times lately. It just can't be helped! When you see his fabulous collections here at my premier boutique, Anne's on the Avenue, you will understand why. This week I want to show you some of his summer dresses. Are you yearning to introduce some knockout colours to your wardrobe? Look no further than these sensational Frank Lyman dresses:

  1. The Psychedelic Colours Maxi  (See Above)
This sensational maxi dress is a dynamite 21st century interpretation of 1960's modernism. Remember the psychedelic sixties and all those mind-blowing, neon colours? This dress is a definite tribute piece. Wear it poolside or to a summer party. You'll be the talk of the town. Just be sure to tell them you got it at Anne's on the Avenue!

  1. The Mixed Animal Print Maxi  
This stunning maxi dress is for the romantic traveler in you. Can't you picture wearing this enchanting dress on an exotic tropical island? The mix of leopard and tiger prints with green wisps of palm fronds and ocean blues is intoxicating. Even if you don't fly away to tropical ports this summer, everyone who sees you will be thinking you have.

  1. The Turquoise Cowl Neck Party Dress
Who wants to dance the summer away with me? This is the perfect dress to dance in! It features an ultra-feminine loose cowl neck, attractive pencil-thin belt and full swing skirt. You will want to twirl and spin like you did when you were a young girl in this pretty summer dress! Don't be shy if others can't resist joining you.

  1. The Tropical Print Sheath
This dress is for the femme fatales out there. It is a seductive black sheath with a wrap front. The print is a bright, colourful mix of tropical yellow, orange and gold. All eyes will be focused on you when you enter the room. A playful wink or two is sure to capture any heart you desire.

Which one of these summer jewels will you bring home? These amazing dresses won't last long so stop in soon for the best selection. Anne's on the Avenue is located in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road in Tecumseh. Did you know we are Windsor/Essex Counties' number one fashion destination? You can also shop with us online at:
Just remember: Your best style is confidence.