Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spotlight on Favourite Designer Simon Chang

No designer does funky, chic couture quite like Simon Chang. I’m not exaggerating when I say that his fashions have a cult following here at Anne’s on the Avenue. Each season we anxiously await the arrival of his newest fashions. If you haven’t experienced the Simon Chang look yet, don’t wait any longer. His fresh, sassy attire is an absolute delight to wear!

Simon has made Montreal the home of his fashion empire. Surprisingly, he has remained a one-man designing dynamo. His love for unique details is apparent from the moment he begins to sketch a new piece. Where does he get his inspiration for such delicious designs? It comes from his frequent travels around the world in search of fabrics and ideas.  He’s also a pop culture fanatic. You might notice some elements in his designs inspired by futuristic characters and their costumes from the big screen.

Dove in Flight Tunic

Simon Chang has an amazing talent for taking every day pieces and transforming them into edgy, unique styles you’ll go crazy for. Just look at his latest jean jackets here at Anne’s on the Avenue.  I guarantee you’ve never seen anything quite like them before!

Style #1107

Style #1014

"Funky." "Edgy." "Delightfully different."  These words describe Simon Chang's super chic collections perfectly. He creates fashions that make ordinary women look and feel special. His philosophy is that each ensemble he creates must have a 'Wow!' factor. Have I convinced you to check out Simon Chang’s latest collection yet?

Pastel Sequin Jacket

Simon Chang couture creations fly off the racks here at my premier boutique, Anne’s on the Avenue. Choose your favourites soon in the boutique or online at   Anne's on the Avenue is momentarily located here in Tecumseh in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road. I’m excited to say that in less than a week, we’ll be relocating up the road to the Golf Town Plaza at 1395 Manning Road to better serve you!
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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spotlight on Favourite Designer Frank Lyman

I’ve made Frank Lyman’s fabulous fashions available since the opening of my premier boutique, Anne’s on the Avenue over twenty-five years ago. It’s no secret why we all love his clothes so much. Without exception, each garment this renowned Canadian designer makes you feel like a celebrity for the day. He truly understands and celebrates the beauty of the female figure in every creation. The sensational result is that his shapely designs fit like they were made for you personally.

Frank Lyman fashions are made in sizes 2 to 20. How many designers do you know of that can accommodate such a wide range of woman and make them all look like runway models? He also provides a large variety of styles from pants and capris to maxi dresses and formal gowns. Perhaps you need a sophisticated dress to impress your newest client. Or, you'd like a stylish leisure ensemble for your upcoming Caribbean cruise. Look to Frank Lyman to provide you with both luxurious and comfortable options - signature elements of Frank Lyman style.

The secret to Frank Lyman’s success is his longtime familiarity with the fashion world. He began his foray at the young age of 18. I am convinced it was his calling. But please don't just take my word for it. Come visit us at Anne’s on the Avenue to try on Frank Lyman designs for yourself. You’ll quickly come to appreciate his fabulous fashions.  I’m sure that after one purchase, you will be in love!

At Anne's on the Avenue, we are passionate about making you look and feel amazing. That's why I always have a large selection of Frank Lyman's fashions available each season. Many of his spring designs are currently on sale as we get ready for our move to our new location! (We are currently in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road in Tecumseh. We will be moving up the road to the Golf Town Plaza as of May 1st.) I also have a large selection of his fashions available in my online shop:
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Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Best of This Season’s Fashion Trends

Spring has finally arrived and the fashion scene is buzzing with fabulous new designs and trends. At Anne’s on the Avenue, we’ve picked the best of the spring 2015 fashion trends for you. No time to shop? You can also find these trendy fashions in my online shop: 

Flowers and floral prints are always a welcome sight in spring. But this year, everything got supersized and we love it!  Check out the dinner plate size magnolia print of Simon Chang’s Tapestry Coat (#1012).  Or try on a few of Frank Lyman’s spring dresses with huge tropical flowers adorning them.  No matter who your favourite designer is, you’ll find a big and bold floral print to fall in love with!

2.      Wide Leg Pants 

Simon Chang’s wide leg pant (#S208) is a perfect example of this sensational designer trend! Wide leg pants are flattering on everyone. If you are super curvy, they even out your proportions. If you are skinny, they make it look as if you have some meat on your bones! Either way, you’ll be sporting one of the hottest spring trends around. 

3.      Mesh 

Inspired by the athletic life, sporty mesh is everywhere. This super light and airy look is perfect for tops and tunics that every fashionista will drool over. Try Bali’s tank top with crochet overlay (#5588, shown) or Frank Lyman’s mesh tank. Pretty mesh tops like these will make you a true convert!

 Are you as excited as I am to try these out these amazing spring fashion trends?  Be sure to stop by soon so you don’t miss out on them! Or shop with us online at:  We’ll be relocating as of May 1st to the Golf Town Plaza at 1695 Manning Road to better serve you! But for now, Anne’s on the Avenue is still open at the 344 Manning Road location.
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Monday, April 13, 2015

Irresistible Spring Dresses by Simon Chang

Simon Chang is always hot, hot, hot. And he just keeps getting better! If you love couture attire with a sassy, chic edge, you won’t be able to resist his fashions. I can’t wait until his clothing arrives each season at my premier boutique, Anne's on the Avenue. I’ve also made Simon’s fabulous attire available in my online shop:  Just check out these four new irresistible spring dresses:

Celebrate your inner fairy princess in this delightful new chiffon dress by Simon Chang.  It has Monarch butterfly and other lovely butterfly wing prints blended into a pretty and feminine mosaic. We adore the wide ruffled chiffon collar that drapes over the shoulders, too. You’ll want to twirl and dance among the spring flowers in the forest when you wear this pretty Simon Chang dress.

Can a lace dress have attitude? Well, if Simon Chang designed it, the answer is yes! This little black dress is covered in gorgeous lace. But it has a sassy ruffled belt made of sheer black chiffon. You’ll love the comfortable but flirty wide shoulder straps, too. You’ll want to put on your party shoes and go have some fun in this sensational dress.

Maxi dresses have been fashion runway staples for a while now.  Of course, a maxi dress by Simon Chang is going to kick it up a notch. This mesmerizing maxi has a print inspired by the wild grasslands of Africa. The dress colour mimics the bright blue skies from the sleeveless shoulders to the waistline. A single stately tree reaches out to meet the sky at hip level. Below it are brush and grasses along the banks of a meandering African river. But the best part of the dress is the majestic leopard at the bottom. He looks as if he could leap right out of this captivating dress at his prey. 

This amazing dress is Simon Chang’s interpretation of a breath of fresh spring air. The mix of geometric and floral patterns gives it an exotic look. The fantastic peek-a-boo sleeves are totally unexpected accents. Everyone will want to know where you bought it. Make sure you tell them you got this dynamite dress at Anne’s on the Avenue!

Aren’t these new Simon Chang dresses incredible? He has a huge following here at Anne’s on the Avenue so they won’t remain in stock long. Come choose your favourites soon in the boutique or online at We also have many more delicious Simon Chang fashions available. Anne's on the Avenue is located here in Tecumseh in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road. And as of May 1st, we’ll be relocating to 1395 Manning Road to better serve you!
Never forget: Your best style is confidence.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Set Sail in Spring’s Nautical Fashions

Do you ever dream of sailing to exotic locales? Picture those stark white sails whipping back and forth with the bright blue skies above and the emerald green waters below. I love that image! And the best way for me to conjure it up is to wear the latest nautical fashions. At my premier boutique, Anne's on the Avenue or online at, I have the perfect nautical attire to fit the bill. Here are some of my favorites:

This cheerful nautical print top is patriotic, too! It features a bold red, white and classic navy blue print. The pockets are handy, as well. This nautical top would look perfect with white capris. Try 
Bali's Basic Capris with Side Slit (sku: 5597).

Leave it to the masterful Frank Lyman to incorporate nautical style into a super stylish maxi dress. We love this spirited black and white dress! It’s the perfect attire for a day cruise about the islands or a romantic walk on the beach. No matter where you go in this nautical dress, heads will turn and you just might get a salute or two!

This perky nautical stripe jacket is just what the doctor ordered for springtime! I love the fact that the stripes are slanted in different direction on the arms and body. The different slants give this stylish jacket an optic effect.  It’s the perfect layering piece for springtime. Combine it with a polka dot top and Michael Phillips’ Leggings with Sheer Polka Dot Insets (sku: 5M1249) for a sensational look!

This nautical stripe top by Frank Lyman is the height of style. We love the wide black band at the hemline to help camouflage tummy bulge. It also features attractive ¾ length sleeves. Pair it with Frank’s Rouched Capris with Grommet Detail Bottom (sku: 46320). This outfit will be perfect for all your high seas adventures and on land, too!

Aren't these nautical fashions dreamy? I can smell the salty air and hear the seagulls just by looking at them. These lovely nautical theme fashions are sure to go fast, so come in soon for the best selection. Or shop for them online at
Presently, we are located in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road in Tecumseh. But we’ll be moving to a new location soon to better serve you!

Remember ladies: Your best style is confidence.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Introducing Michael Phillips at Anne's on the Avenue Online

If you've been following this blog you know I’ve been adding lots of exciting new designer collections to the Anne's on the Avenue online shop:  I'm pleased to announce the arrival of Michael Phillips’ sensational spring line. Here are some of our favourites:

I think this is a perfect day dress for exploring outdoor farmers’ and flea markets. The patchwork pattern is a perfect Bohemian blend. It is reminiscent of grandma’s vintage handkerchiefs and other dainty linens. The length works with both heels and flats. You’ll get plenty of mileage out of this delightful dress.

This lovely shirt is so romantic. It features a feminine ruffled hemline that drops below the hips. The back of the shit is equally feminine with a wispy chiffon inset in the middle. The inset fans out above and below a single center button. It appears pleated. The effect is so pretty!

This nautically-inspired jacket is just what the doctor ordered! Its cheerful stripes are not all vertical or horizontal. Look closely and you will see they are pleasantly slanted in different directions. It makes for a very attractive and fresh take on classic black and white stripes.

Are you as excited as I am about having Michael Phillips’ fashions online at Check the website soon for the best selection of these and other fabulous designer styles. I know you will find the spring looks your inner fashionista craves! My premier boutique, Anne's on the Avenue, is located in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road in Tecumseh. We’d love to see you in person, too!
And always remember, your best style is confidence.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fun, Flirtatious Spring Sweaters and Jackets by Bali

The calendar says spring is here. Nature will be catching up with it soon. I can’t wait to see green seedlings sprouting up everywhere. Romance will be in the air soon, too. Bali has some fun, flirtatious sweaters and jackets for this time of year to help you get in the mood. They are available right now in my premier boutique, Anne's on the Avenue or in my online shop: Here are a few of our favourites:

This flirty spring sweater features the silhouette of a lady in a wide brimmed hat. Doesn’t she look like she is about to give someone a peck on the cheek? We love the knobby slub knit, too. It adds texture that is often lacking in spring attire. This light-hearted sweater will put a smile on his face. It’s up to you what comes next!

This pretty cardigan is the perfect spring layering piece. It is available in six gorgeous colours: aqua blue, royal blue, white, coral, black and off white. It will be hard to choose just one colour, I guarantee it. It has lovely cascading ruffles in front.  You'll definitely be ready for romance in this flirty, feminine little cardigan!

This captivating spring cardigan is available in black or white. It features loose waterfall ruffles that drape romantically on either side. The sleeves are a flirtatious ¾ length. You won't go unnoticed as you clutch this stylish cardigan close to your heart. It’s guaranteed to get his attention.

This lovely little jacket is perfect for after dinner on those cool spring nights. It would look sensational with your favourite little black dress.  We love the notched collar effect when the toggle button is closed. And notice how the sides form a romantic ruffle under the toggle.  Add an irresistible smile and an admiring gaze or two and you’ll have him absolutely bedazzled!

Come in and see us soon for your best selection of these flirty new spring sweaters and jackets. Or shop with us online: We also have many more spring tops, tunics and jackets by your favorite designers. Anne's on the Avenue is located in the Village Grove Plaza at 344 Manning Road, right here in Tecumseh. (We are moving soon to better serve you. Stay tuned!) We are the premiere fashion destination for Windsor and Essex Counties.
Always remember: Your best style is confidence.