Thursday, April 28, 2016

Best In Show

Is there a universally flattering dress? Many stylists recommend the “fit and flare” silhouette as the best all-around fashion fit. We do like that style- especially the fun of flared skirts- but we know many of our clients want a more modern wardrobe. That’s why we think the sheath should be your go-to dress. There are dozens of reasons to choose this iconic silhouette, but we’ll just give you three.

1. Sheath dresses are incredibly flattering to the female body. Sheaths create curves everywhere you want them and hides them where you don’t. They’re usually made in soft, body contouring fabric to prevent awkward bulges or bags. The straight cut also makes your legs appear miles longer.

2. Sheaths never go out of style. Other fashions come and go, but sheaths are always on trend. In fact, designers usually include at least one to give their collections a sense of completion. You can update favourite sheaths from past seasons with a new jacket or shoes.

3. Sheath dresses are an accessible way to try new trends. Have you been eying a new style but aren’t sure how to work it into your closet rotation? Check your favourite designer’s collection for that sheath we talked about earlier! This dress from Frank Lyman Design lets you play with monochrome graphics and the mixed animal print trend without the hassle of mixing separates.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Laser-Sharp Fashion

Laser-cut fabric has never been more popular. The process was originally used to design computers and even cars, but fashion designers have a keen eye for innovative techniques. They’re quick to find ways for new technology to create ground-breaking style. Canada’s own Frank Lyman uses several different laser-cut textiles in his Resort collection. With that in mind, we thought we’d take a closer look at this fabric of the future.

As the name implies,  laser-cut fabric is cloth which has had a design cut out of it by a laser instead of scissors or razor-sharp dies. Using this technique, designers can create delicate cutouts that would previously have to be hand-cut. Because there is no pressure put on the fabric, the patterns can be very fine and close together.

There are some drawbacks to this method. For example, fabric with so many cutouts can lose much of its structure. Good designers can overcome these kinds of challenges, though. Look at this laser-cut jacket by Frank Lyman. He manipulates the fabric expertly. Areas that give the jacket its tailored shape, like the collar, cuffs, and lapels, are doubled over for support while much of the body is left untouched to preserve the sense of lightness. The overall effect is both relaxed and sophisticated.

Frank Lyman uses this fabric on a few other items from his collection. To get a closer look at the technique or try these beautiful creations on for yourself, visit Anne’s on the Avenue!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Animal Instinct

Designers have been playing with an iconic trend for resort wear. Tiger stripes, leopard spots, alligator prints- you guessed it, it’s animal prints! They’re popping up everywhere. This spring Bali Corp. is turning the trend on its side, pushing the limits of how we expect to see animal prints used. They use three main tricks to surprise us in their Resort line.

1. Colour: Traditionally designers have either laid animal prints in black and white or filtered it over a colour. Bali Corp. is doing both. Look at the way the stripes and print bands interact in this maxi dress. In some places the two blend together, but in others the pattern is clearly dominant. It creates a lot of visual interest in what would otherwise be a very simple dress.

2. Silhouette: Playing too much with a garment’s cut when there’s already an all-over animal print runs the risk of looking overdesigned, and no one wants that. Because of this, most dressed in fabrics like these are close-fitting sheaths or billowing maxi-dresses. That doesn’t have to be a hard rule, though. Look how easy and playful this zebra striped high-low is!

3. Unconventional Combinations: Mixing prints can be tasteful if done thoughtfully. It doesn’t get better than this blend of leopard, zebra, and honeycomb. By limiting the colour pops to one shade and layering it over a neutral chiffon, the pattern reads classy, not busy.

Sink your teeth into the whole collection at Anne’s on the Avenue!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Colour Play

If there’s one word to describe the clothing making its way out of Michael Tyler’s workshop this season, it would be “vibrant”. Brilliant colours, bold silhouettes, and very modern shapes combine to form a collection targeted at the fun, out-going woman. Tyler plays with a few different styles of print throughout the line. Most striking is a paisley overlaid with lines or shapes in a deeper contrasting colour.

You can see the effect in this top, soon to be available in store. The lower pattern is a paisley in pinks, grays, and pale blues. It might read as pastel if it weren’t for the rich red spiral that shoots from a shell at the bottom hem all the way to the neckline. These rays of saturated colour, along with the purple across the shoulders, give the entire top a unique sense of playful confidence.

The placement of the pattern is no accident. By having a large dark area by the waist and a brighter area on the top, the pattern is slimming even without considering cut. Also, the rays direct attention to your face for an empowering effect.

Of course, cut does play a part in this look. The pattern is a new take on the circle blouse: a bit more tailored, a little less bohemian, but still fun. The elbow-length draped sleeves feature the on-trend cold shoulder (that’s the peekaboo window on the arm).

To see more from Michael Tyler, visit us in store or online any time.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Choosing Accent Pieces

Wardrobe essentials may be the basic building blocks of your everyday look, but accent pieces are what make you shine. From embroidered blazers to detailed tops like this one from Frank Lyman, accent pieces take you from the ordinary to the extraordinary. It’s important to have these special items in your closet, but you don’t have unlimited room. How do you decide what accent pieces to add? Ask yourself these questions to help you choose.

1. Is the item well made? Unless it’s a Halloween costume, you probably plan to wear your clothing more than once. Craftsmanship should be the first thing to look for. Look for quality fabrics and finishings, and consider local designers. They often have more control over their production and material sources.

2. Does it flatter you? Don’t invest in something in an uncomplimentary colour or a cut that doesn’t flatter your shape. The goal is to find something you can go back to when you want a wow factor, so make sure it’s something you look incredible in.

3. Do you personally like it? While this may sound basic to some of you, consider your own closet. There are probably at least a few things you just don’t like hanging in there. No matter how well made or flattering a garment is, you won’t wear it more than once if you don’t enjoy it.

To find the best local designers and special accent pieces, browse our online store or visit our store in the East Pointe Trails Plaza!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Fashion Staples: The Denim Jacket

There are some things every woman should keep in her closet. We all know to have a black dress, a good pair of dark slacks, a white blouse, and black heels. What you might have overlooked is a denim jacket. Widely regarded as a fashion icon, a well-fitted denim jacket is a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

First of all, it’s flexible. Denim is always a versatile fabric, which is why it’s so easy to wear jeans with anything, but being in jacket form takes it that little extra distance. Style it casually with a lacy sundress and sandals for a flirty look. Put it over a maxi skirt and a turtleneck to play with the trendy 70’s resurgence. You can even pair a good denim jacket with a sequined skirt and heels for a classy, rock-and-roll royalty vibe.

Second, denim is an easy care fabric. So much of the great fashion we loves comes with high-demand care labels. For a lot of it we’re willing to pay the price, but it’s nice to have something reliable and easy to fall back on when life gets hectic.

When choosing a denim jacket, consider one with a more blazer-like cut. Denim is already casual, so going with a tailored style will give you more room to play. We like this mid-tone jacket from Prose Esprit’s Spring collection.

For all your fashion staples, visit Anne’s on the Avenue. Watch our Facebook Page for special events and new releases!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Celebrate The 70’s With Luc Fontaine

This season, fashion is turning back the clock for inspiration. Trends from decades past are being taken out, redesigned, and walking the runway with a fresh face. One of the designers at the forefront of this craze is Luc Fontaine. An entire look book in his spring collection is dedicated to bringing the seventies to today’s woman.

Two looks from the new collection play with the mini shift, popularized by such actresses as Audrey Hepburn in the early seventies. Back then the mini shift was worn with a cardigan and flats. Fontaine gives it a few modern twists to create these looks, using modern fabrication techniques and patterning for a retro look with a trendy feel.

In the first, the Mini shift is overlaid with laser-cut geometric sheers. The sheers form loose half-sleeves, a more tailored look than bell sleeves, and a swingy hem that comes down mid-thigh. This top is tunic-length, suitable for pairing with capris and some of this season’s strappy sandals.

The second interpretation is a stand-alone mini shift tribute. This one forgoes the sleeves entirely but keeps the seventies vibe alive in the profile, as well as the all-white colour and lace. Hem lengths back then were shorter than now, but Fontaine manages to make a short skirt feel modern and trendy by extending his patterned sheer overlay to mid-calf.

Like what you see? Try on more of Luc Fontaine’s retro-modern designs at his trunk show, held right here at Anne’s on April 9th