Monday, August 31, 2015

Frank Lyman Fall Fashions at Anne’s on the Avenue are Full of Intrigue and Sophistication

Have you ever daydreamed of being a modern day femme fatale in the high stakes world of espionage?  Well, this fall’s riveting designer collection by Frank Lyman has pieces fit for such a secretive operative. They are both refreshing and striking at the same time. And true to Frank Lyman style, they are also highly functional and versatile. You don’t have to be a spy to appreciate their intriguing accents and sophisticated lines. Here’s a look at the fabulous fall collection now available at Anne’s on the Avenue:

Frank Lyman is our most revered fashion designer at my premiere boutique, Anne's on the Avenue. His designs accentuate the feminine beauty in all women. This fall, his collection includes everything from slinky long sweater jackets to sumptuous faux fur winter vests.   The collection is built around three fabulous colours: black, white and grey. It’s peppered with navy blue, white, lavender and red, as well. The result is a gorgeous ensemble that only Frank Lyman could create!

The standout features of this intriguing fall collection are: Must-have faux leather and faux fur accents, plenty of bold zipper features and of course, his signature animal prints. Snake and leopard prints rule this fall. Only Frank Lyman can create such fresh, captivating fashions that women crave year after year!

You’ll also love the bold optic geometric prints and houndstooth patterns in Frank’s fall collection this year.  From jackets to tunics and tops, these enticing features will keep you in high style. The pieces are versatile enough to be worn in the boardroom or on your next day trip.

At Anne's on the Avenue, our goal is to make you look and feel spectacular. That's why we always carry Frank Lyman's latest fashions. Pieces from his alluring new 2015 fall collection are arriving daily. Come indulge your inner femme fatale (and perhaps spy)! You'll find us in our new location at the exclusive East Pointe Trails Plaza at 1695 Manning Road, right here in Tecumseh. Or shop at my online boutique:
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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Transition Fashions and Trend Roundup

I have good news! Fall is just around the corner and transition pieces are the hottest fashions, perfect for women of all ages. No matter what your lifestyle is, you should be able to adapt these hot tickets to your needs. Here is a list of the hottest transition pieces. 

Victorian Inspiration:

White lacey blouses with high, button-up collars will be everywhere. Do you own an heirloom cameo brooch? It will look perfect with these high collars. Layer these pretty, feminine blouses under your jackets and cardigans.

Brocade Fabrics and Prints:

Rich, textured brocade fabrics will show up in coats and jackets (the usual suspects).  But brocade style will also be hot in tops, dresses and skirts.   

Oversize Buttons:

Chunky, oversize buttons will be seen on everything from dresses to coats. These oversize accessories add balance to the bulky brocades and knits of the season. Look for them in surprising shapes, as well.

Fluted Hemlines:

Fluted or mermaid hemlines that widen at the bottom will be all the rage. They are ultra-feminine and will help balance the menswear inspired styles.

Carwash Pleats:

This look is perhaps the most unique. It’s also fun to wear! Lots of skirts and dresses will feature these big, bouncy carwash pleats. They will be wide and flirty. You’ll frequently catch yourself wanting to twirl around to make them flap back and forth.  

Grey Suits & Office Wear

Office wear for women will take its cues from menswear. In addition, the colour grey will dominate the scene. These power pieces are for serious career gals with a “take no prisoners” attitude towards their job.


Following the menswear look, turtlenecks under suit jackets (especially grey turtlenecks) will be hot. You probably already have one or more of these quintessential pieces in your wardrobe already.

Pants with High Waist Lines:

High waist pants are a feminine take on the menswear domination this fall. Wear them with your favourite skinny belt in patent leather or faux crocodile.

New arrivals are finding their way to the doorstep daily at my premier boutique, Anne's on the Avenue. My expert stylists and I can help you put together a sensational transition wardrobe. We are located in the prestigious Easte Point Trails Plaza at 1695 Manning Road, right here in Tecumseh. You can also shop with us online at .
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Monday, August 10, 2015

Perfect Colours to Wear With Your Peridot Birthstone

Happy birthday to all of you August babies! Just like your zodiac sign, regal Leo the Lion, your lovely green peridot birthstone commands attention.  Peridot is a lighter shade of green with fiery yellow undertones. It is indeed a mesmerizing birthstone. If you aren’t sure which colours look best with your gorgeous peridot jewelry, my fashion tips are as follows: 

Highly Recommended Colours:

Peridot always looks smashing when worn with pastel pinks and lavenders. These feminine shades complement peridot’s fresh spring green. For a modern, eye-popping colour combination, try the bold look of your peridot jewelry against red fabrics. The resulting look is simply dazzling!

Classic Colour Combinations:

Peridot always looks sensational against monochromatic black and white fabrics, as well as black and white patterns of all types. You can even mix it up a bit by complimenting your peridot jewelry with other light green accessories like scarves, bags, belts and shoes. 

Colours to Avoid:

I wouldn't recommend pairing your peridot with oranges or browns. Nor would I wear it with other green shades.  Oranges and browns subdue peridot’s alluring light green, rather than making it pop. The subtle light green is also lost against other shades of green, whether light or dark. I’m also not a fan of peridot against yellow. This is because the yellow undertones in peridot are lost against a yellow backdrop.

There you have it: A list fashionable colours to wear with your exquisite August birthstone, peridot.  My expert stylists and I are always ready to give you more fantastic style suggestions. Come visit us here in Tecumseh at my premier boutique, Anne's on the Avenue. We are located in the prestigious East Pointe Trails Plaza at 1695 Manning Road. Or visit our website www.annesontheavenue  today.

Always keep in mind: your best style is confidence.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Three Sensational Ways to Transition Summer Jumpsuits into Fall

The jumpsuit has been an on and off fashion favourite since the roaring twenties and thirties. Back then, legendary designer Elsa Schiaparelli made the silk jumpsuit a must-have wardrobe staple. Right now, jumpsuits are enjoying another surge in popularity. Do you have a favourite summer jumpsuit? Here are three ways to wear it into fall with style:

Jumpsuit with a Jean Jacket
Denim is always great for fall layering. This year, it has been a hot fabric on the fashion runways of the world. That gorgeous summer jumpsuit you love so much would look perfect paired with a denim jean jacket. If your jumpsuit is on the elegant side, opt for a denim jacket embellished with sequins and glitter.

Jumpsuit with a Tunic
I love this look, especially with wide-legged jumpsuits. Wear a large pendant on a thick, long chain or leather strap over your tunic to tie everything together. This easy style is perfect for casual daytime outings or work days in the office.

Jumpsuit with a Long Cardigan
You know fall has officially arrived when you start seeing long cardigans everywhere. My favourite ones have thick cable knit and woven leather buttons. These fall staples will transition your summer jumpsuit into a smashing fall wardrobe staple. If your jumpsuit is silk or rayon, add a chunky necklace to add balance between it and your heavy knit cardigan.

There you have it: Three stylish ways to wear your summer jumpsuit into fall. You can find amazing fall jackets, tunics and cardigans at my premier boutique, Anne's on the Avenue. New designer fashions are arriving daily.  Did you know Anne's on the Avenue is the premiere fashion destination for the Windsor/Essex area? We are located in the East Pointe Trails Plaza at 1695 Manning Road. Stop in today!

Don't ever forget: Your best style is confidence.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Great Hostess Gift Ideas From Anne's on the Avenue

August is here! Hopefully you’ve planned at least one more summer get-away for yourself. Don’t forget to bring a gift for your hostess! We have some fabulous items at my premier boutique, Anne's on the Avenue that would make perfect gifts. These are some of my favorites:

Purse-Style Wine Bags: 

I just had to have these stylish wine bags available for you at Anne’s on the Avenue. I love the fact that they look just like designer handbags. Forget wrapping paper or cardboard gift tubes. Present your hostess with her favourite bottle of wine in one of these attractive wine bags. She’ll be absolutely thrilled!

Quote Bangle Bracelets:

Is your hostess a close friend or family member? Pick out a set of silver bangles for her with heartfelt quotes that let her know how much she means to you. Quotes like, “Sisters by chance...friends by choice.” Or, “Live well…love much….laugh often.” There are even bracelets for your grandmother that say, “There’s no better friend than my grandma.” How sweet is that? She’d be thrilled to receive it.

Sparkling Evening Bags: 

Is your hostess a diva at heart? Does she love to get all dressed up and attend the opera, shows, or other evening galas? Treat her to a lovely, glittering evening bag. We have a large selection of shimmering bags. I guarantee one of these beauties will put a smile on her face when she sees it!

Have you figured out which gift is just right for your last summer hostess? And how about picking out a little something for yourself, as long as you’re at Anne's on the Avenue? We are located right here in Tecumseh in the upscale East Pointe Plaza at 1695 Manning Road. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Remember ladies: Your best style is always confidence.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Colours to Pair with This Fall’s Wildcard Shade: Amethyst Orchid

This year, the U. S. colour experts at Pantone have included an exhilarating shade not normally associated with fall: Amethyst Orchid. Think lavender on steroids-an extremely bright, purple hue. So what other colours in your fall wardrobe this year can you mix and match with Amethyst Orchid? Here are our favourite choices at Anne’s on the Avenue, my premiere boutique:

White, Cream & Beige
Traditionally, cream attire came out in fall and whites were put away until springtime. Not anymore! White clothing can be worn all year round now. So those gals who like classic style should opt for white, cream or a dusty beige to mix or match with Amethyst Orchid. Try this vibrant purple in a top or tunic paired with white pants or a dusty beige suit. A cream skirt would also look lovely with this wildcard purple shade this fall.

Dark Blue
The contrast between Amethyst Orchid’s almost electric shade of purple and deep, dark blue is fabulous. Think of the pleasing contrast between white and black. The effect is similar.  A dark blue denim jacket or skirt would look fabulous with an Amethyst Orchid top or tunic. Career gals can opt for a dark blue suit to pair with tops and accessories in this lovely shade of purple.

Silver & Grey
Pair your Amethyst Orchid with silver or grey attire for the ultimate air of sophistication. This is a rich combination typically seen in the elite haute couture houses and fashion runways of the world. The grey suit will be hot this fall. You will also see grey popping up in accessories and outerwear. There will be plenty of grey options to mix and match with Amethyst Orchid.

Pink & Orange
Who doesn’t think of orange hues in the fall when the leaves start to turn? Dusty pinks will also be prevalent this fall. Both of these colour palettes can look amazing when paired with Amethyst Orchid. Even if you are not one for wearing loud colours, you can mix and match these vivid hues in your jewelry and other accessories. An Amethyst Orchid scarf would look lovely with an orange cardigan or a pink top.

Go ahead and give these marvelous fall colour combinations a try! If you aren’t sure where to start, come see us at Anne’s on the Avenue.  We’ll help you create an alluring fall look. We’ve moved to a fabulous new location. Anne's on the Avenue is now in the East Pointe Trails Plaza at 1695 Manning Road in Tecumseh.

Always remember, your best style is confidence.

Monday, July 27, 2015

How to Know What Fashions to Buy This Fall

If you’ve ever opened your closet door and groaned, you’re not alone. Figuring out what to wear can be overwhelming sometimes. It’s even harder when the seasons are about to change. Especially if you have a limited budget.  Here are my tips to help you figure out the essentials you’ll need this fall:

1. Choose a time with no distractions and a peaceful place where you can fully relax. If this is your back patio on morning at 5:00 am, so be it!  Bring along a cup or glass of your favourite beverage. Also have a pen and paper or your tablet with you.

      2. Think about your lifestyle. Think about the clothes you wear most often in the fall and are happiest in.  Don’t worry if this seems overwhelming. My expert stylists and I at Anne's on the Avenue can help you sort everything out. So just write it all down.

      3. Once you have identified the clothing styles that most fit your fall lifestyle and make you the happiest, it’s time to visit your closet. Move all the pieces of clothing that don’t fit this profile to the back. We want to focus on fall attire!

      4. Separate the fall clothes you wear often into two groups: foundation pieces (those you can mix and match with almost anything, like a black pair of pants or a grey turtleneck) and stand-alone attire.

5. Try on your foundation pieces. Make sure they still fit and look great. They should make you feel stylish and confident. Remove any item that doesn’t make the cut! (Consider donating these retired items to charity.) Any foundation pieces that are no longer acceptable should be placed on your fall “to buy” list.

6. With your foundation pieces in mind, mix and match other fall items from your wardrobe with them like colourful or patterned tunic and tops. If you are tired of your choices, add a few to your “to buy” list. Even tight fall budgets can accommodate at least one or two new trendy pieces to freshen things up. Consider purchasing a lacy, high collar top or brocade skirt or jacket.

Are you still overwhelmed? Bring your list of favourite fall clothes to my premiere boutique, Anne's on the Avenue. We can help you build a fabulous fall wardrobe around them. Your fashion is our passion! Did you know we’ve moved to a new location?  We are now in the prestigious East Pointe Trails Plaza at 1695 Manning Road, right here in Tecumseh.

Remember ladies: Your best style is confidence.